No-Bake Summer Picnic

This weekend the temperatures are scheduled to top 90 degrees just about every day, so we thought it would be the perfect time to share some picnic ideas that don’t involve heating up the house with baking. Along with some help from our friend Christina Suarez Krumsick, the author of No Bake Makery: 80 Two-Bite Treats Made with Lovin’, Not an Oven, we gathered some friends, pets and snacks to celebrate the summer in Prospect Park. So if it’s too hot to cook up a storm this holiday weekend, we hope you’ll enjoy these ideas and a delicious recipe for a fruity no-bake retro cake. xo, grace

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This was a treat to watch – loved the music, too.

Sarah B-C

Somehow I haven’t had a picnic in Prospect Park since the spring. This video makes me want to run right out there now (with a batch of the cake in tow)! I’ve actually just put a fresh, greenmarket cherry version of this into my freezer. Do I keep the cake frozen until ready to serve or after freezing overnight can you switch to the fridge?