Living In: The Baby-Sitters Club

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It’s no secret that we love us some Biz Ladies. So, for today’s Living In, we decided it would be great to highlight some of our own favorite (and fictional) high-powered businesswomen: Kristi, Claudia, Mary-Anne, Stacey, Dawn, Mallory, and Jessi—otherwise known as The Baby-Sitters Club! Although I never read the wildly popular late-80s novels by Ann M. Martin, I must confess to watching this movie on repeat as a child. I was fascinated by the oh-so-teenaged responsibilities of the club’s members—juggling school, babysitting, friendship, and cute boys—and I longed to emulate their entrepreneurial success. The summer that my sister and I practically burned a hole into the Baby-Sitters Club VHS tape from over-watching, we decided that it would be a fabulous idea to start our own babysitting business. Unfortunately, I think we lacked the business savvy of those seven spunky gals— nobody responded to the hand-scrawled advertisements that we tacked to mailboxes around our neighborhood. Still, I have to say that this film, despite its flaws (and, trust, there are many), instilled in me a self-starting, creative desire that has stayed with me to this day. The movie has most definitely not stood the test of time, its early-90s pre-teen tropes weighing it down like a bad crimp-job. This, however, is part of its charm. With performances by 13-year-old Rachael Leigh Cook, Larisa Oleynik, and Zelda Harris (of Crooklyn fame), this movie brings on the 1990s nostalgia hard. Maybe after watching it, you too will want to don some frumpy overall shorts, a scrunchy, and get your babysit on! —Max


1. Poketo Planner | 2. Overall Shorts | 3. Corded Phone | 4. Bananas | 5. Peanut Butter | 6. Titan Mountain Bike | 7. Snapdragon Seeds | 8. Linen-wrapped Flower Pots

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1. Paintbrushes | 2. Floral Pillow | 3. Mini American Flag | 4. VW Van Model | 5. Green Side Table | 6. Bandanas | 7. Klutz Friendship Bracelet Book

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FilmThe Baby-Sitters Club

Year: 1995

Director: Melanie Mayron

Starring: Schuyler Fisk, Bre Blair, Rachael Leigh Cook, Larisa Oleynik, Zelda Harris, Tricia Joe, Stacy Linn Ramsower, Ellen Burstyn

Production Design: Larry Fulton

Art Direction: Charles Collum

Set Decoration:  Douglas A. Mowat

Costume Design: Susie DeSanto


The “Living In” posts as of late have been totally on point! LOVE.


This just totally made my day! I was 10 when this movie came out, and I was totally obsessed with it. The video tape was on heavy rotation (along with Clueless) in my VCR.


The MOVIE?! For shame. The original TV series is where it’s at. Head on over to Netflix and say hello to your friends!

Kayli Schattner

Oh my gosh, LOVED this! The Babysitters Club is just amazing. I too, even started my own babysitting club using this movie as my inspiration!


Love this! Not sure if I ever saw the movie but the books were the best!


This movie sparked the first moment of realization that I loved interior design. I begged my parents to let me redecorate my bedroom to look like Claudia’s. I was so envious of her bookshelves full of Nancy Drew novels and the murals on her walls.


“Can you get the licorice from my nightstand?”
This movie is STILL in heavy rotation here. Thanks, Max–this (and the soundtrack!) is the epitome of summer for me.


The Living In Column is my absolute fav — Thanks for bringing into the weekly rotation! It would be absolutely amaz if you did Gidget before the end of Summer!


Oh my god, The Babysitter’s Club!! I read almost all the books plus all of The Little Sister series. And I watched this movie a lot. My sister and I still sing the theme song of this movie to each other regularly. And apparently I was deeply inspired, because I built up a very profitable babysitting business of my own as a teen, although I never had a club for it. In fact, I was babysitting a kid a few weeks ago who was watching this movie- she found it at the library. I couldn’t believe that kids are still reading/watching The Babysitters Club.


Um, yes! Not only did I read the books, but I had a nearly complete library, including the little sister and super special books! I, too, had dreams of starting my own baby-sitting business, and a friend and I even made our own kid kits. All that to say…I totally love this post!


If you really need a friend, ho na na na hey… This is the BEST post EVER!

Uh uh… Jimmy-Tony’s not there.


Max! You always make me laugh! I read the babysitters club religiously. I somehow missed the movie, but it’s right up my alley…I’ll have to track it down.


Loved the Baby-sitters Club books! This brings back memories… I remember that I never started a proper baby-sitting business, but I did baby-sit and I stole the idea for the kid kits described in the books. Worked a treat.

Nomadic D.

Just the title of this post cracked me up! I never saw the movie but read all of the books. Then my dad went and married my best friend’s mom and it was like we were living the baby sitters club! Such a blast from the past, I had to comment :)


I had NO IDEA there was a movie. Maybe because I had aged out of the books by the time the movie came out? Definitely loved the books though!


Living in is turning in to my favorite postings! I loved the BSC and had many failed attempts to start my own club as well…the anatomy rap has to be one of the movie’s highlights. Or Stacy’s best quote “I have allergies, ok?!” when she cries. This became a go-to cry for my sister and me. Oh dear, I’m slightly embarrassed how much of this movie I can quote…

Nicole B.

I admit I never read this series (I was a Sweet Valley High gal), but I may see this because I think Ellen Burstyn is such an underrated actor. She rocks every film I’ve seen her in.


When I was a kid I read all the Baby Sitters Clubs books! I just loved it! I never saw this movie but I’ll download it and watch while I cut the T-shirts for my own Brand that we are launching this summer in Buenos Aires!! I guess that these books helped me dream and wish to have my own buisness one day!

Michelle Rundle

Spot on living in! I also started my own Baby sitters Club to no avail. Kudos ladies!

Plein Jane

Some of us moms watched it with our kids because of the director, the fab Melanie Mayron. Melanie was famous at the time as the coolest character on thirtysomething. Say, what is she doing now, anyway?


My daughter (now 21), loved this movie and the series + I love this post in which I will share with her.


I love these Living In posts! Especially for the nostalgia of the 80s & 90s movies! Thanks so much!


“WHEN-YOU-REA-LLY-NEED-A-FRIEND! Hoh-nah-nah-nah heyyyyy!”

This movie/book series was the best.


I have never seen the movie, but in the 80s, I’m pretty sure I read every single one of the books; including the one where they worked at camp a million times. Thanks for a little blast from my youth! (and yes, I earned all my money babysitting from age 12-16)


Why walk when you can dance?!

I literally covered my eyes every time I watched it and Stacey smooched that dude, I was that disgusted.


I read every single book, my entire style from ages 9-14 was based on Claudia’s wardrobe. ;)


Amazing! I still watch this movie whenever possible, at 31! Once a fan, always a fan. I’d love to see other shows/movies like this too!