Live the Life you Love, Love the Life you Live


Scott Albrecht‘s work- and general style- has been on my mind for weeks now. Mostly because I fell madly in love with his heart-in-hands piece from this show. So when I came back into the office after a little work-from-home break, I was happy to find a copy of his “Live the Life you Love, Love the Life you Live” hand-lettered postcard box. This set of 100 postcards came out last year, but I hadn’t seen them in person until this week. Each one is a beautifully handwritten piece of art with sweet and thoughtful sayings that are perfect for sending. I’m a big believer in mailing people cards for no reason other than just to say hello or tell them you’re thinking of them and this series is JUST what you need for that. The set is available online right now for only $18, so if you’re looking for inspiration to start sending thank yous, love notes or just a little hello, click here to check them out and order online. xo, grace

Photos by Max Tielman

Live the Life You Love Postcard Box: 100 HAND-LETTERED POSTCARDS


Nicole Devereux

What a nice surprise to come back to! Such lovely cards and artwork; they’ve already put a small on my face. Thanks!


Love this so much! I love sending just because cards :)