Indigo Love

I just can’t quit indigo. I don’t know why, but it keeps creeping into every aspect of my life (home goods, clothing, stationery) and I’m not even the least bit sick of it. So I’m embracing it a bit more fully but officially adding this indigo dresser to my wishlist. I need to upgrade the dresser I have now, which was meant as a temporary solution to weirdly shaped room, to something a bit more grown up. This fits the bill perfectly and reminds me of all the navy blues I ever fell in love with growing up. In addition to the dresser, this Dulcie mixing bowl (also at Anthro) looks like the perfect vessel for mixing summer salads. It’s way too hot to bake right now, so anything I can toss and put on a piece of toast or stick a fork in is my jam right now. And I think just about anything would look lovely in this bowl. Click here to check out the dresser online and here for the bowl. xo, grace



You should have one of the blog readers do a make over dresser for you in indigo.


I love that dresser!


I agree. Indigo is timeless, my fav colour, I never tire of it.


I just spray painted our old chandelier indigo and bought vintage lightbulbs–in my opinion, it looks amazing! Now that i see this indigo post I feel like a “designer!” Gotta show my hubby that indigo is the way to go!


I’m about to create a sitting room using indigo and white. I’ve seen so many great table top items in those colors, happy to now have an excuse to buy some of them.