Human/House/Harvey: Tie Dye

Human House Harvey, tie dye
I can remember a time, every summer, when my mom would send me off to summer camp to spend the day swimming, crafting and bon firing. I also particularly remember coming home each day from camp with a new handmade object, typically of the macaroni or papier-mache variety. But one of my most cherished summer camp activities was undoubtedly the day we tie-dyed our own pillow cases.  So vivid in my mind are the snapping of rubber bands and the colorful buckets of fabric dye.  So in honor of the tie dye of our past, I thought I’d round up some current favorites for myself, my home and my pup. –Stephanie

HUMANThese pants may be a bit much for some, but I can definitely see myself sporting a pair to an outdoor BBQ or summer brunch with friends.

HOUSE – A tie dye pillow case is always a good option! Wether store bought or handmade, I love how each pattern can be slightly different than all others.

HARVEY – As of late, I’ve been thinking that a harness may be the best option for my rambunctious walker, Mr. Harvey (and that’s putting it nicely). This tie dyed option would look great against his California blonde fuzz.


As a part time dog expert, let me say this for the benefit of all dogs everywhere, a dog should never pull when you’re walking… if you’re thinking that your dog needs a harness it’s time for you to get down to your local dog obedience class and learn the right way to use a leash. About 90 percent of these classes is for your education, dogs already understand humans, the learning is mainly for the critter on the other end of the leash.


Gentle Leaders are the bomb for dogs that pull. We use this with both of our 70-80 lb “babies.”


Tie dye brings back so many memories! And a harness is a good teaching tool for when your dog is still a puppy.