Human/House/Harvey: Fruits

Human House Harvey, Fruits
I’ve been pretty spoiled for the past 20 years living in the land of perpetually delicious fruit (a.k.a. California).  Whenever I travel outside of the west coast, I immediately notice the difference in fruit quality (for better or worse), and always come back home grateful for having year-round produce bliss.  Fruits are a main staple to my diet (Mr. Harvey appreciates the occasional apple and banana-flavored treat from time to time too!) and recently, I’ve been transitioning fruits into my design aesthetic as well.  Here are just a few favorite finds for me, my home and my pup! –Stephanie

HUMAN – Not everyone has a fun socks obsession like I do…I know.  But can you really tell me that these festive pineapple, avocado and floral socks don’t bring a smile to your face?  Just so fun!

HOUSE – To be honest, I don’t have much art up on my walls.  A few photographs I’ve taken and a couple vintage pictures make up the lot.  But when I came across this simple, bright and downright pleasant fruit bowl print, I thought it would make a lovely addition to my bare walls.

HARVEY – Mr. Harvey was recently gifted this strawberry chew/hidden treat toy for his birthday…the big 3! I thought it was just the most adorable thing ever, so I sought out others and wouldn’t you know you can collect a whole bunch of berries for your pups to play with!


I love this posting. It’s so luscious in the way that it captures the essence of summer. Thank you!