Houndstooth Valet by Atelier-D

I never had a mudroom in my childhood home, so I am (somewhat irrationally) excited to report that my new home in Upstate New York has a gigantic one. The room is in a sad state of disrepair and, as such, my boyfriend would likely be taking a sledgehammer to it at this point were it not for my vehement protestation. Added on to the home long after it was originally built, the appendage seems cobbled together with a combination of beadboard, rusty nails, and prayers; its roof leaks and the linoleum floor tiles are crumbling. Despite its horrifying current state, though, I can’t help but fantasize about all of the fancy mudroom things I will do in this fabulous mudroom once it has been given some tender love and care. Things like removing one’s boots. Or hanging one’s coat. Or throwing mud (you do that in a mudroom, right?)!! It might be a long way off, but I have mentally begun prepping my future mudroom-man-cave by creating a secret wish list of things I will furnish it with. This fancy little valet, designed by Jonathan Dorthe and distributed by Atelier-D, seems like it fits the bill perfectly. With wood construction and tiers made from black metal with a perforated houndstooth pattern, this compact catch-all has a rustic simplicity that fits in marvelously with what we’ve done thus far with the house. Check out the valet and other modern designs on the Atelier-D site! —Max



This seems like a little bit of everything. I just wish the second tier was a tray instead of a flat surface. But the bar for the pants is fantastic. No more throwing my jeans on the floor!


Oh, I’m totally with you, one of the main reasons we bought our house was that it has a mud room (and in our part of Oregon, it is a necessity!) And, yes, mud does get thrown around in our mud room – by the dogs.

Maxwell Tielman

Rob— nope, we moved to Kingston, NY, a small city on the Hudson. It’s a nice mid-way point between Buffalo and Brooklyn!