Hand Painted Florals for Textiles

This summer I promised myself that I would spend at least one weekend a month learning a new skill. July is half-way over and I still haven’t been through a full class, but I think I’ve finally found the one that will make me get off my couch and into the classroom. The incredible Helen Dealtry is teaching a hand-painted florals-on-textiles class at Nicolette Owen‘s studio in Brooklyn (Sunday, August 5th). In addition to the basics of painting florals for textiles, you’ll be able to print your work on beautiful fabric swatches. The price may place it above some budgets, but I think a specialized and highly beautiful skill like this is definitely worth investing in. The results are so professional and so elegant – it makes me want to hand-paint all the pillows and chair backs in my home. Click here for more information and to register. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there! xo, grace



No need to post this comment, but I think you meant Sunday August 4th not 5th.

Wish I lived in NY- would absolutely splurge on this!

anne Marie Jackson Pattern Occurring

This is so refreshing. Back to basics! I am sooooo done with the same old slap dash photo prints. Hand painted textiles really take on the personality and energy of the designer. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE adobe but you can’t really beat how inks or watercolors bleed together. It is those happy accidents that help to give life and innovation. I am looking forward to see your results. Enjoy!
You can see how lovely the hand painted fills look on these designs I did for spring summer 2014.




I wish I could take that class! I love that last image of the different floral prints on shirts.


Please have these kind of classes online!! I would gladly pay for them!! At least for those who live far far away! haha


These are so beautiful! I wish I had that kind of skill! I would love these as art on my walls or just on everything!


I will gladly pay for an online class as well, I desperately want to do this. I wish i didn’t live so far away.

gina pericini

Let me know if you find out about it’s equivelant in San Francisco!


Oh no, your class on 8/4 is already sold out! When is the next class?


Sign me up for an online version too! What an amazing class!