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DIY: Personalized Honey Jar

by Amy Azzarito

I have a wooden box on top of my fridge where I throw all means of interestingly shaped glass bottles. I just can’t bear to throw them out, so they sit waiting to be reinvented. I love this project by Rux of Lush Prints because it gets my bottles out of the box and into the kitchen. (The fact that it’s super simple is a huge plus.) This would make a sweet gift delivered along with your favorite tea. Or choose a different design and fill the bottle with simple syrup for iced coffee or a your favorite cocktail. I’m filing away this idea for Christmas! – Amy

Materials Needed

  • Glass jar with a lid
  • Rubber Stamp
  • Solvent Ink (using StazOn in Opaque White)
  • Stamp Cleaner (recommend StazOn cleaner)
  • Honey (support your local bee farmer, grab a gallon from the farmers market)
  • Cotton ball + q-tips
  • isopropyl alcohol



See the full project instructions after the jump!



  • Before you start be aware that you will make mistakes, we did when we put this tutorial together. For tiny smudges or poor imprint,  just wipe the design off using isopropyl alcohol and start the process over.
  • Cleaning you stamp: We highly recommend using the StazOn Cleaner for this solvent ink. If you forgot to pick one up, simply clean the stamp with alcohol, but be aware that this does dry out the stamp, so make sure you condition your stamp right after.

Expected Time for 1 jar: 1 minute to stamp, up to 48 hours to dry (see note in step #3)


1. Wash your empty glass in soapy warm water. As the glass is drying prepare your work space, make sure there is proper ventilation. (If you decide to stamp on a jar that is filled with alcohol (e.g. beer or wine) do not wash your bottle in soapy warm water. Simply take a clean damp cloth directly to the glass )

2. Gently press the stamp onto the glass in a rolling motion, rolling the stamp while keeping the surface still. It may take a few trial to get a perfect impression. If the first imprint is lousy, simply wipe off the ink with a cotton ball or q-tip dipped in alcohol and try again.


3. Once you achieve a good impression Set aside to dry and clean your stamp. Don’t touch the ink right after or it will rub off. Our imprint took 3-5 minutes for the ink to cure onto our glass. The ink manufacturer recommends up to 48 hours to avoid any kind of smudging.

4. Fill your jars with honey. Seal them, wrap a bow and deliver them with love. Make someone’s life sweet.

Imagine all the possibilities, jam jars, beer glasses, wine bottles, candle holders!!!

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