Did someone say Pink?

by Grace Bonney

Can we talk about pink again? Please? Ok, cool. Every year I write the same needless post about how I’m retiring pink and need to find a new favorite decorating color. But this year I’m officially accepting that pink is here to stay. When I first threw myself headfirst into the pink and red color combo (back in 2009 when we were starting the D*S Book), I was worried I’d be sick of it in 2011 when the book finally came out. Thankfully I’m not only not sick of it, I can’t get enough of it. Preferably of the hot pink variety. So I thought I’d share some of my favorites in the market right now: this hot pink cocktail table, dotted napkins and this vintage Chinese textile pillow. Maybe not all together, but one at a time? Perfection. xo, grace


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  • Well anyone who knows me or my website knows how I feel about pink. My logo, my gift boxes, my website all have some pink! I love all the different variations too. It can go from neon to baby pink.

  • I love pink too–it’s such a pretty cheerful color, and it goes well with everything. My house and garden are blues and greens with touches of pink and a hint of yellow. I adore the table and the napkins.

  • Oh! why you trying to retiring pink of your life? It is the perfect colour! Almost the new black ;) To be honest I am trying to not wear too much pin, too. Something happens with pink, right? No one never said “I am trying to retiring green of my life”
    I’m waiting for the next pink post ;)

  • Yes! I love pink! As a teenager I claimed I hated it because it was too girly and I wanted to be seen as independent and free-thinking and what not, but I realize now how ridiculous my attitude was. Thanks for all your pink suggestions! That pillow is especially gorgeous.

  • Hahaha, I am on the same boat! I don’t know why but until my 3rd year of college I HATED pink. With a vehemence that seemed totally out of proportion. But all of a sudden something switched, and I’ve loved it ever since. I have to really curb myself to keep my home and wardrobe just looking like a pink explosion.

  • Pink is versatile, covers a ton of different moods/shades, and makes everyone look ten years younger. Who wants to argue with that? It’s my favorite color, forever and always.

  • There is such a difference from one pink to the next. Some softer pinks can be so soothing whereas the bolder pinks are stunning when done right. I have used the Color911 app to create palettes with so many different options and had a great time doing it. I find visualizing the colors together first is a huge help to me. I love that so many places are talking about pink these days… Thanks for posting , I love it!

  • Pink can be a special color. Years ago, my daughter had a very difficult year at college. She came home for the summer and we immediately painted her bedroom a geranium pink/white trim/old wood floor. She did her thing – very cottage/ gypsy – Moroccan – colorful. That summer, we hung out, she worked, and she healed. We always referred to her pink room as the “healing room” after that.