Blue + Peach

leif kilim
Last week and weekend I gave myself the biggest gift: six whole days away from the internet. No blogging, no email, no social media- just real offline time. In addition to rest and relaxation, I feel like the universe gave me some sort of high five for finally taking a break and the week ended up being spectacular. One of the things that always happens when I let my brain rest is a little creative shift- something that I start seeing differently or find newly inspiring. One of those things was a newly developed love of the color combination blue & peach. It’s one I grew up with, so I promptly learned to dislike it and associate it with “grown up” things that weren’t modern enough. But when I saw this Kilim pillow I started thinking about how warm and interesting the color palette was against my existing backdrop of neutrals and black & white. Leif has a wide selection of Kilim pillows for sale right now but this is my favorite and is definitely inspiring a roundup coming later this week. In the meantime you can check it out and shop online right here. xo, grace


Glad to hear you got some rest! :)

I really like the pattern on this pillow.


Sarah from a fine line

Wow, that is impressive. I don’t think I could do it, especially with my iphone right there in my bag! It would probably be good for me too. Thanks, grace!

anne Marie Jackson Pattern Occurring

Taking time off is vital! Why do you think Americans seem to be so bad at it? You know we all stop for at least 2 weeks over the summer in Europe? I hope the culture here will change. I know my work is always better after a break.
Oh I love blue with anything. I think I almost use it as a neutral. It really is in the fashion industry. Denim being the go to pant.


Just made a mental leap from this gorgeous kilim to the peach and blueberry pie recipe from the “Spoonbread and Strawberry Wine” cookbook. Made with a good dash of cinnamon and a splash of heavy cream. A summer must have. About to go turn on the oven….

Amanda Story

I’ve been eyeing tribal printed pillows to spice up my plain little couch and these are too gorgeous to ignore. Thank you!


Hi Grace! Thank you so much for this post and for all you do. I have been listening to your podcasts in my studio back-to-back and loving them! I relate fully and have similar experience of my mind opening up and seeing in new ways when I can truly focus and relax. Amazing! About peach and blues—I think one reason this combo speaks to us is that they are essentially complimentary colors, and so they speak to each other and vibrate!