Blondell Scarves by SuTurno

Every now and then I come across something I become totally, completely and instantaneously obsessed with. Like, obsessed. I haven’t had that feeling in a while, but it came rushing back to me yesterday when I saw these stunning scarves by SuTurno mentioned on Caitlin Mociun’s Tumblr page (via Gretchen Jones’ page). Inspired by 30s glamour, this collection of nail and lip-patterned scarves are a throw-back to the explosion of lipstick sales after the Wall Street Crash of 1929. A relatively inexpensive way to cheer themselves up, women began buying lipstick more frequently after the crash and apparently that trend is repeating these days during our current economic struggles. I didn’t know about those sales trends at all, but they’re such an interesting commentary on what people find important or splurge-worthy during tough times- and they’re definitely interesting inspiration for a series of decadent silk scarves. Click here to check out these scarves in more detail and place an order. xo, grace



Going on to find out how much that one kiss scarf costs right this minute. These are so fresh and beautiful. Very wow! BTW the click here link is not linked:)

Amy Azzarito

Hi Heather – This link has been updated. thanks! amy


so pretty! I had read or heard that too, lipstick purchases go up when the economy goes down.


Oh those are pretty :) Do you think that trend is the same for nail varnish? I always think lipstick is quite expensive, especially if it comes off and you have to reapply all the time, I like that I can see the nail varnish and it stays on longer :)