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Before & After: A Midcentury Nightstand Gets A Geometric Update

by Maxwell Tielman


When Reeves, a 19-year old college student and the blogger behind The Weathered Door, found this vintage modern nightstand on Craigslist, she assumed that it would be a simple sand-n-stain job to get it back into shape. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, the piece had deep-set stains that no amount of refinishing would hide and a back that wasn’t even wood! Rather than tossing in the rag on this lovely little thing, Reeves decided to give it a good ol’ paint makeover. Armed with a photograph from Elle Decoration and a few cans of paint, Reeves gave this somewhat ragged nightstand a beautiful update that is current while still keeping its stylistic roots in mind. She writes,

The drawer took about 3 days just because each triangle required 3 coats, plus enough time to dry and cure so that when I taped the next part, the other color would not peel off. I used my trusty Frog Tape (the regular green one, not the delicate yellow type). Frog Tape is pretty good at creating clean lines and not letting paint seep under, but before I did a color I used a thin coat of poly. If any of the poly seeped under, it is clear and won’t show. It creates a barrier, so I got very clean lines. A couple small spots peeled when I had to tape over them, but at the end I just sanded it a bit and touched it up with a small paint brush.

The drawer got 3 thin coats of poly, and the nightstand got 2 coats. I kept the original hardware since it has two screws, so it would be hard to find something new to fit. I think it works though. I definitely see this in a boys room as a nightstand. I really love the way it turned out!

I’ve gotta say that I do, too! Check out more photos of this cute, affordable geometric upgrade after the jump! —Max



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