Before & After: A Glossy, Glam Office Set Makeover


As soon as my boyfriend and I got the keys to our new house, we began to fill it with pieces of furniture gathered from estate sales, junk shops, and Goodwill—all of them in some form of extreme disrepair. Right now, our two most pressing projects are an antique windsor chair with wobbly legs and cracking paint and a wooden dresser with marred wood and broken drawers. We’ve convinced ourselves that these projects are within our do-it-yourself wheelhouse, but it definitely helps to look at other people’s valiant Before & After efforts for a boost of confidence. This project, sent to us by Krista Byers of Goodwill Glam, for example, proves that no piece of furniture is beyond redemption. Krista appears to be something of a Jedi master at turning trash into treasure, because she managed to turn two items that I would often pass over at Goodwill into a totally stylish office set. With a bit of elbow grease, Krista stripped the paint off of this garbage-picked desk and chair, sanded them down, and applied a fresh, shiny coat of paint. She even gave the desk hardware a brassy, new look and reupholstered the chair seat with a bold, striped fabric. Awesome upgrade! Check out more photos of Krista’s new office set after the jump! —Max






b martins

Please let us know what kind of paint (spray or reg.?), color name, and how’d you get it so shiny?

It’s a beautiful green.


some interesting posts on her blog…thanks to you guys Krista got a new follower


That desk is super cute. Makes me really regret giving away a junky but cute little desk that had belonged to my grandfather when I finished college. I was so ruthless giving stuff away! In retrospect, MUCH too ruthless.


Gorgeous. What a difference the new color on the desk makes! :-)


Yes! Please share what color/brand of green paint…fantastic color! And great job!


I did the exact same thing with my mother’s old vanity, spray painted it a grayish blue and painted the hardware in silver.


I love this color this color green. Krista!!!! I went to your website. I am freaking out over the snake tray. SO GOOD!


This is nice. I love the stripe on the seat and the green was a great pick.


Yes, I have been noticing that darkish green lately, just saw it on an apartment building in San Francisco last week and I thought, “well that’s a breath of fresh air.” Maybe it was a touch darker than Krista’s but similar. Good work on reusing this furniture and making it pretty again.


A perfect example of how color makes all the difference in any DIY project!, but especially this one. I love the green, it’s stunning.. I use my Color911 app for my color inspiration and highly recommend it!

Be Inspired PR

Thank you so much for sharing! Thinking of repainting a desk so this was so helpful! Everything turned out amaze! What a difference!!!


Simply Beautiful! What a transformation! It’s amazing how you have brought life into the desk & Chair. We love it to pieces! Love your color choices, love the gold hardware, and the way it pops against the dark glossy green on the desk! Krista Byers, you talent speaks! We look forward to seeing more of your work! Portfolio Fusion Magazine would be proud to give you a column for your work!


Nice work! Normally I try to buy something perfect already when i want to buy. But I was inspired by your blog and photos so I will try to paint by myself next time!

Riyas Rawther

Very nice…. Why we throwing our useful things… This post is an excellent example of reusing old things. Like re-manufactured toner cartridges! :)

Krista @ Goodwill Glam

Thank you all for your kind comments about the desk! I have answered quite a few questions about the execution on the blog. The color is Krylon’s Emerald Green in gloss. Normally, I wouldn’t have used spray paint, but this particular one has enamel mixed into it for high gloss and durability! I hope that helps! I look forward to sharing more projects soon, so I hope you’ll follow along!

Krista Byers