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A Colorful English Family Home

by Amy Azzarito

The moment Marc and Edwina Boase spotted this home in Brighton, England, it was love at first site. The home was in serious need of fixing up but Marc runs an Architecture and Design studio in Brighton and Edwina is an interior stylist who specializes in a variety of prime time interior TV series (She’s currently working on Kirstie Allsop’s new series, inspired by up-cycling) – so the couple knew they could meet the challenge. They spent six months renovating the home and moved in just two weeks before their son Arlo (now 2) was born and joined older brother Woody (9) in the Boase family. The couple have always enjoyed scouring markets and vintage shops both at home and abroad so the house plays homage to a mix of objects and furniture that remind them of life’s journey. During the 18th century, Brighton became a getaway for Londoners looking for a bit of sea air to restore their mental and physical health. Marc and Edwina are just a few minutes walk away from the sea front, and from their dining table, they can often spot  the odd sea gull strutting up and down the garden walls or gliding around in the skies above. They love the area (and working together) so much that they collaborating on their designing their first holiday rental property, The Lobster’s Retreat. Thanks, Marc and Edwina and a big thank you to Daniela Exley for the lovely photos! –Amy

Image above: The bed is from Dwell and means a lot to us as it was kindly bought by my Grandma as a moving in present. The table is one of Marc’s designs. The light is by Artemide.

Image above: Marc and I collaborated on the wardrobe design, using fabric by Kvadat, Campas 2, and then used buttons covered with fabric from the same range. The wardrobes coordinates beautifully with Alternative Flooring’s wool croft wool carpet in Skye and the walls which have been painted in Dulux Mineral Haze 4. Our bedroom is flooded with light throughout the day and the yellow and silvery/grey color palette illuminates the room. This is probably my favorite room in the house especially as this is where our son Arlo came into the world.

Image above: I have always loved Howard Carters Poppy fabric that was designed for Heals in the 1960s so when I found a pair of vintage curtains in my favorite yellow/grey color-way on a local street market I couldn’t believe my luck. The painting is one of my own (I studied Fine Art Painting at Brighton University) and the other items have been picked up at markets both near and far as well as the occasional eBay purchase which we are both quite partial to.

Image above: We picked up this dressing table on a recent sourcing trip to Brussels, the vintage fabric in the background was found at a local car-boot sale along with the nicknacks on the table.

Image above: We picked up this dressing table on a recent sourcing trip to Brussels, the vintage fabric in the background was found at a local car-boot sale along with the nicknacks on the table.

Image above: The moment I stumbled across this sink, taps and marble stand on Salvo’s website, I knew I had to have it! We had many discussions regarding the best tiles to accompany the sink but we got there in the end. The marble tiles are called blanco hexagon tiles and sourced from Walls and Floors. They were installed using Bal grout in Smoke.

Image above: This is Arlo’s room with an original Eames rocker and his gorgeous Freddie rug (FRE03). I love the impact the rug makes when you see it at the end of the second floor landing.

Image above: This area is situated outside the Master Bedroom which leads to our back door entrance, due to living on a hill the back entrance is on the third floor hence when viewing the house for the first time Woody named it the ‘upside down house’.

Image above: The kitchen is from Ikea with a Iroko worktop sourced from Trainspotters, the tiles are by Johnson’s Tiles and all of our appliances are from Smeg.

 Image above: The sliding cupboard fronts are made from Wrongwoods floorboards that were left over from a job and the glass and the other items have been collected by both of us over the years.

Image above: The Danish sofa bed was bought from Designs of Modernity (), the vintage Disco poster is from Trainspotters and the colorful cushion was a gift from my mother who buys and sells greek textiles and rugs (laura@lauraleatham.com).

Image above: The wood-burner is a Stovax Riva 66 Cassette Wood burner and has proved to be a great investment as it keeps the house lovely and cozy during the winter months.

The front garden has been re-landscaped including having a small lawn that also doubles up as a parking space due to a specialist grid work that we installed. We’re fortunate in that the garden is only over looked by a traditional Corset Workshop, so on a sunny day we get the uninterrupted benefits.

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  • This whole thing is wonderful! Especially love the built-ins in the living room.

    Where is the pom-pom throw from? Super cute.

  • I almost never comment but this post moved me to! The happiness vibe is overwhelming, and I love how you embrace patterns while keeping everything so clean and modern. And the color of that vintage Eames rocker is gorgeous! I also appreciate such specific source listings.

    I have had nothing but good times in Brighton and this home feels like an extension of that. I hope to spend the night in The Lobster’s Retreat sometime.

  • I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that blue and gold bird figurine on the top shelf of that kitchen image — I just recovered two identical figurines from my great grandparents’ farm house in rural Iowa! They’re also now on display in my kitchen. Great minds!!

  • This is basically my ideal home – love it! A bright lick of white paint, lots of lovely books and prints adding pops of colour and the beautiful wood parquet floor, well enough said!! :) What a lovely family home x

  • Fantastic space! I’d love to know any info on the bedspread – I have the same one, in a different colorway. I bought it at Housing Works in NYC and have no info on its maker. Thanks!

  • Love so much about this house. The shelves and stove in the living area sork brilliantly, the star rug is fantastic, the kitchen looks super and the overall feel is calm and individualistic. The disco prints is great, I definitely have my eye on that. Thanks for sharing, Katie

  • Love so much about this house. The shelves and stove in the living area work brilliantly, the star rug is fantastic, the kitchen looks super and the overall feel is calm and individualistic. The disco prints is great, I definitely have my eye on that. Thanks for sharing, Katie

  • Bed cover, wardrobe, rug, chair and mostly I’m loving that jumper! Great find.
    Lusting after lots of things in this post and loving seeing a feature with suppliers I can actually buy from without having to worry about import tax or shipping!
    Please feature more UK based posts, I love this!

  • I absolutely adore their colorful, cute home! Such a cool idea with the wardrobe walls. & I would kill for that shelf space in our living room area…

  • Faith – I’m pretty sure the breadspread is a traditional Welsh Blanket. Try googling it!
    Love them, and they come in extraordinary colour combinations.

  • I really like the range, but can’t find it on the smeg site; is there a model name or number? thanks!

  • Wow!!! This is such a beautiful and clutter free space, Loved each and every detail. Freddie rug definitely makes an attraction. Loved those bright cushions. One of my favourite spaces.

  • Gorgeous! You’ve managed to realise my dream kitchen tops and cupboards combo and use the tiles I had earmarked for our bathroom! Great images too!

  • This is my favourite house! Very lovely and not the usual grey modernist boring! So inspiring! That bathroom sink- I would die. Thank you!

  • I loved the photos of this home. Not only did I enjoy many of the elements in each of the rooms, but I really enjoyed their placement of their color choices. The bathroom with the blue sink.. the colorful buttons on the closet doors, so many of their choices show not only their appreciate of color but how even the smallest color accent can make a big statement. I design color palettes for peoples homes and use the Color911 app because it allows me to use as little or as much color as I want and visualize how all my colors appear together. Their choices of yellows, teals, oranges etc really show they understand the language of color. Great post.

  • Your home is just beautiful. I love the sense of freedom, it appears that a fresh breeze is blowing through all the rooms! I love the bold use of gorgeous fabrics, and that each room is an interesting and pleasant collection of vignettes that are not ‘still’ life, but have a sense of movement. Your front entrance is so welcoming!

  • I am in love with every single aspect of this beautiful and welcoming home. The bathroom alone has dazzled me for weeks to come. I do have a question, was this home old enough to have historical landmark restrictions placed on any of the wiring, painting or other work done? If so, was it challenging to work around that? Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful, beautifully designed space with us.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bathroom tiles, gold faucets and especially the blue glass/flowers and the BLUE SWAN, …perfect.

  • loved all that color against the white walls, every room has something to admire. My favorite would have to be the dining area on that bay window, after inspecting every detail, I looked up the window and the view wowed me. I thought I was looking at a painting. Very relaxing and joyous space.

  • Bathroom just rocked my world!!! Is that faucet a duck head???!!! Lady of the house also looks like Cate Blanchett!! It’s all just beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your home across the pond.

  • I agree with Research Warrior- the happiness vibe is palpable and summed up especially in the last beautiful picture. Lovely home and smile!

  • Just when I thought I saw one perfect house on DS, up comes another! This home is just so fresh and lively…perfection.

  • I Love the vintage style and colourful in details but appear a casual feeling. And what a coincident I am wearing the same sweater as you in the photo. XD

  • Love your home! Can you tell me where your parquet flooring is from? It’s exactly what I’m looking for.

  • Wow what a beautiful home. I love all the quirky furnishings that give everything a personal touch.

    Thank you for sharing

  • The flooring in these pics is beautiful, also the tiling in the bathroom is really nicely done. I really like the overall look.

  • Hello – I love your fabric upholstered wardrobe and wondered how they were done? How were they attached at the back. I am wanting to do similar.

  • I love this place – and certainly the white colour of the house looks wonderful. Also love the overall vintage look. Well done.