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An Apartment Full of Collections at the Foot of Table Mountain

by anne

Miné Jonker is a Cape Town, South Africa based creative and partner of Studio Muti alongside Clinton Campbell and Brad Hodgskiss. The studio focuses on advertising, illustration, typography and design, as well as developing their own products and art for shows. For the past six months Miné has lived in her current apartment located in at the foot of Table Mountain in a neighborhood called Vredehoek, which translates from Afrikaan to “Corner of Peace.” When she moved she decided to simplify her style. Everything in her home has been collected over the years, from travels, second hand shops and markets. She tries to balance clean, simple and neat, versus interesting old finds and sentimental bits, while also love surrounding myself with artwork from her friends. Many thanks Miné, and to Seemaa Allie for the photos! –Anne

Image above: I bought this print for R150 (about 11 Euro) at a store called O.live, which I used to visit on a daily basis. The owners have the best taste and collect artwork, ceramics, antique furniture and taxidermy which they renovate and sell in their various stores. I recently found out that this artwork is called Ohn Nyun by British painter Gerald Kelly. I like it because it kind of reminded me of South African painter Tretchikoff’s work. 

Image above: My pride and joy are my scatter cushions, I’m always on the look out and collecting. It makes it hard to find a place to sit on any of my furniture, and the real purpose of it puzzles boys and boyfriends to no end. The print on the wall was bought in Brighton in the UK,  from a little comic book shop that stocked some of No brow‘s stunning publications. The artist is Micah Lindberg.



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Image above: My other pride and joy! How many are one allowed to have? This radio and vinyl player still works and was brought over from my friend Ree Treweek, who found it at an antique market. The scull was a gift from the same friend. It was mounted on bare brown wood but she painted it white and varnished it with crackle varnish, which I love. When she’s not making me gifts she does this amazing work. The prints on the wall have been collected from markets over the years. I was staring at them all together for the first time the other day, and realized that most of them are of woman longingly staring at the viewer or out a window into space. Trying not to analyze that one too much!

Image above: As you walk into the apartment this is what you see: the open plan lounge and kitchen leading out to the balcony. I love this ‘chaise longue’ even though it’s super uncomfortable to sit on. 

Image above: The mismatching chairs and antique table were a birthday gift from an ex. The boyfriend  left but the table stayed. The hand embroidered runner was bought on a trip to Egypt. The Foo Dogs were a traumatising never ending ceramic project I tackled, to protect my house. They were inspired by a visit to Hong Kong where there are sets of them in front of every door step. I like the warmth and timelessness of Persian carpets. 




Image above: The scatter cushions are from Old Spitafields Market in London and the over priced linen was a special treat from my mom, bought at Country Road’s home ware section. I’m enjoying my bedroom’s color scheme of neutrals, creams and subtle yellows. 


Image above: This was my grandmothers hat. The artworks are Elise Wessels’ series ‘Beast in Mind‘ and the buck hooks were picked up from a junk shop.

Image above: My bathroom is cladded in wooden strips as apposed to tiling, which makes me feel like I’m inside a little ship.The mirror was from Vamp. I love their renovated and appropriated retro furniture. The  silk robe was a gift from a friend’s travels in Bali.

Image above: Instead of painting the old school terra cotta colored floor, I decided to buy some cheap vinyl to cover the floor instead. I felt like a genius when I came up with this plan and couldn’t stop talking about it for a week! My poor friends… The chairs are on loan from my business partner Clinton, who’s also a great bargain hunter, the cow skull I picked up on a friend’s farm and the wooden mask is also a gift from Bali. The bird cages used to have two little zebra finches in them named after my brothers, but one escaped and one died. Better to keep plants in them from now on. 

Image above: I’m busy turning the balcony into a little Mexican looking corner. Just lacking some creeping bougainvilleas and lots more plants on this sunny little reading spot.


Image above: I love the type on the outside of our building along with the classic art deco windows. Since I moved to Cape Town I have only lived in art deco blocks – I’m obsessed by turn of the century Art Deco & Nouveau designs. 


Image above: These little lino cut artworks were done by my talented artist friend Mike Saal Can’t wait to find some little frames for them and add them to my collection.


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