Allied Maker’s Brass & Oak Bell Lamp


We’ve been pretty enamored with Allied Maker ever since the small lighting/kitchenware company launched a little less than a year ago. We had the pleasure of meeting Allied’s founder, the designer and woodworker Ryden Rizzo, at our midsummer Puppy Parade a few weeks back—and it turns out that the guy is as nice as he is talented, with one of the most adorable dogs ever. Educated at Parsons and under the tutelage of a master woodworker, Rizzo seems to have an eye (and a hand) for finely crafted objects. Among the various handcrafted items available in his shop is this new little lovely, on sale until July 31. Named the Bell Lamp because of its shape, the light features a beautiful red cotton cord, a carved oak “handle,” and a solid brass funnel that houses a single lightbulb. At once minimalist and playful, this piece will light up a space (both literally and figuratively) with its charm. Check out more photos of the Bell Lamp after the jump! —Max

belllamp_2 belllamp_3

Nicole Devereux

What a great find! I love the wood, brass, red combo — and that this can work well in small spaces. Right now I’m thinking a bedside light, as my “nightstand” is really just a small wooden valet. Thank for sharing!