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A Glamorous Home In Edinburgh

by Shannon Grant

Roséline Lohr, founder and editor in chief of This is Glamorous, truly views the world through rose colored glasses. As a longtime follower of her design and lifestyle site, I revel in the opportunity to be whisked away to the unabashedly feminine and glamorous world that Roséline shares with her readers everyday. To borrow a phrase from Carrie Bradshaw, I couldn’t help but wonder if her home was as glamorous as the images she shares on her blog. By the looks of our Sneak Peek today, it appears it is. She and her beau, P.F.M. live in this Georgian townhouse overlooking private gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland, surrounded by tall hedges and endless lilacs. Built in the mid-18th century, the house has high-ceilings, crown molding, a marble fireplace and enormous windows that let in floods of natural light. While Roséline and P.F.M. wanted to work with these elements and highlight them, they also wanted to add a little romance by way of antique china and furniture, luscious toile and chinoiserie fabrics and an abundance of flowers. But their favorite thing about their home is the neighborhood, complete with tall trees and cobblestone streets, with a florist and a butcher around the corner. They are just a few minutes walk from the city center, but still far enough away that it feels idyllic. In addition to her website, Roséline is currently working on her first book while also developing a product line. Thank you Roséline and P.F.M., and special thanks to Jessica Buckley for the lovely styling! –Shannon

Image above: This writing desk/vanity and gilded chair are the first things I see every morning, always flooded with streams of morning light, and just outside the window, always the sound of birds chirping, whether summer or winter, and it is the loveliest way to begin the day.

Image above: Every morning, we always look forward to too many cups of coffee in our bright kitchen, which overlooks the garden. I am not much of a cook, and more likely to keep sweaters in the oven like Carrie Bradshaw, but P. loves to cook, so we’re not starving! And there are always dinner reservations and take-away, if necessary.

See more of Roseline and P.F.M.’s Edinburgh home after the jump…

Image above: The painting of pink carnations was a gift, along with four other original flower paintings, from a close friend. I had mentioned I was thinking of creating a gallery wall of floral paintings, and when I came home one day, left with the doorman of our old apartment in another city, were a bundle of five beautiful paintings, wrapped in paper and tied with ribbon.

Image above: Freshly baked bread from a favourite patisserie nearby make Sunday mornings extra luxurious. The gold flatware was a thoughtful surprise gift from our very first houseguest, and the copper pans are Falk.

Image above: We were having tea in this tiny, most charming antiques shop I had once read about in Vogue, and after the rose petal tea, the scones and apricot jam, I spotted the palest pink soup tureen, trimmed in gold, as well as the Limoges bonbon dish. The tureen ended up being a part of the beautiful white orchid centrepiece, and the bonbon dish now holds fruit pastilles on my desk.

Image above: I have been collecting handpainted and mismatched bone china from antique shops around the world for a while now, and every time we move and they are shipped, am always afraid they will arrive in a million pieces, but so far, not a single cup or gold-rimmed saucer has been broken. Together, they make an instant tea party, and are a lovely reminder of the places we’ve been.

Image above: We had been searching for the perfect set of dining chairs for what seemed like forever, waking early on Saturday mornings to attend the antiques auctions, coffee & almond croissants in hand. We had wanted antiques to soften the modern lines of the kitchen, but had never found anything that was quite right. And then, one sunny afternoon a few months ago, we happened upon these in a dimly lit antique shop up the street — robin’s egg silk brocade and cherry wood — they were the perfect juxtaposition to the stainless steel and sunlight.

Image above: We needed artwork for above the fireplace, but nothing seemed quite right; and then, had remembered a room by Donald Romualdez, in which there hung, above the fireplace, a plain white canvas framed in gold. The next day, I purchased an empty picture frame and some gold-leaf, and that has been our artwork ever since. The gilded wall sconces were found in a tiny, hopelessly cluttered antique shop near The Meadows, and each of the blue & white ginger jars were found in a different antique shop around the city.

Image above: On the coffee table — the flowers are from the prettiest little flower shop that I pass nearly everyday, and can never resist picking up a bouquet or two.

Both images above: My desk is white and unabashedly feminine, complete with elegant crystal drawer pulls; P had wanted something a little smaller, since he would only be using it occasionally. After searching antique shops and markets, we came across this teak & rosewood mid-century desk in the window of a charming shop down the street from our favourite patisserie.

Image above: We take weekends very seriously around here, and when we can, are usually off on spontaneous day trips to the countryside, or the coast, and recently visited the castles of Northumbria. But before anything, first, coffee.

Image above: My shoe cabinet is actually a mahogany bow front china cabinet we discovered at the Saturday morning antiques auction. It was the very first thing we had ever bid on; paintings and ginger jars and old maps of London would follow, but this particular piece will always have an extra special place because it was the first.

Image above: I always love fresh flowers on the bedside table and am always in the middle of three or more books at a time, but often end up on my laptop before bed, or my phone, preferring to catch up on reading during breaks throughout the day. The faceted vase is from a beautiful shop in Yorkville, in Toronto.

Image above: One of my very favourite things is waking up in this toile-enveloped canopy bed; because the bedroom is large, the bed makes good use of the space, the deep wood and pattern on pattern warming it up and adding a perfect cosiness on dark winter mornings and cool late-August nights.

Image above: The gilded mirror above the drinks console was a stunning find at an antiques fair in a tiny town outside of the city, on Father’s Day two years ago; the large footed sterling silver tray was a birthday gift from P., from another favorite antiques shop, on Dundas street.

Image above: I have been rather obsessed with these Chinoiserie chairs — so much so, that have just recently purchased a set of 6 from eBay, from a small town in England, over five hours away. They are set to arrive within the next week or so, and will definitely need fixing up, but could not resist, and will be making them over for am upcoming DIY on {this is glamorous}.

Image above: I always seem to be drawn to soft white towels over any other colour. The wicker basket is from an antiques market, that I sometimes use as a handbag, but now mostly holds makeup; the coral is from Barbados. The cabinet is from Ikea, originally purchased to store and display my shoes, with the plan to add large gold handles. However, when we opened the package, it was discovered that we had accidentally bought the wrong item, as it was only half fronted in glass and not full. Also, it ended up not looking right against the dark wood & toile of the bedroom, and so was moved to the powder room, where it works perfectly for storage and display of pretty everyday toiletries behind the glass top, with extra storage in the enclosed bottom half. And all’s well that ends well, for the next weekend, we found the antique mahogany china cabinet for my shoes.

Image above: Edinburgh is the perfect city for bicycling — there are beautiful paths through The Meadows and along the coast, as well as paved pathways throughout the city. We are very fortunate to have a large circular reception hall between the main entrance and the inner door to our place, perfect for keeping bikes, wellies, umbrellas and picnic baskets.

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    The rest of the place – AMAZING! The china cabinet with the shoes was probably my favorite.

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    I love and appreciate how Miss Roseline has embraced the beauty of a period building and not forced it into the 21st century but has embraced its beauty and decorated with old world charm, grace and elegance that gently coaxes it in to the present with a hint of Hollywood regency, 60s vibe ( read Ps desk) and sparkle (read mui mui sparkle stilettos:-)

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