Zak + Fox for

Having just hacked my sofa into pieces in order to fit it in my new apartment, I have a great appreciation for apartment-sized sofas. Not only because they make it easy to deal with old buildings and doll-sized hallways, but because it’s hard to find really cute ones. Thankfully Zak Profera of Zak + Fox teamed up with to create a collection of limited-edition patterns that can be used on any of their sofas, even the small-scale apartment sofas (my fav). The one above is seriously adorable and would be great for smaller-scale city apartment with a living room that can’t handle a 3-cushion sofa. Click here to check out the series and shop online. xo, grace


Off-topic, but I’d love to know the breed of that dog! A Basenji perhaps?


Erin: I think it’s a shiba inu, you can tell by the curly tail. I have a little red one and everyone says he’s a fox!


Oh my gosh, thank you Melody and Zak! Gorgeous dog, and we are thinking seriously of getting a dog, and this breed really appeals to us! Thanks again for the info!

Kelly Jackson

It would appear that these are only available in NYC and cannot be shipped to other states, it would also appear that they are exorbitantly priced, unbefitting of their size. Half the size of a normal sofa, should be half the price! Lovely, yes, but that’s about it :(


Hi Kelly,

As Grace said, happily will ship anywhere in the US. As far as the price goes, it’s quite competitive with the rest of the market. Our fabrics generally retail for around $150 per yard, and we worked really hard on this collection to make sure that it would be accessible to a larger audience without having our designs, print quality, and fabric compromised in any way.