Wood & Pulp

I’ve been really bad about getting out of the house to see galleries and shows this year. I could try to make a million excuses, but instead I’m planning on just breaking the cycle and walking around more to see what’s going on in some of the incredible spaces around town. One show I’m incredible excited to check out is WOOD & PULP at Colab Project Space in Brooklyn. WOOD & PULP showcases the work of artists Scotty Albrecht and Damion Silver and was just extended for another week, ending this Sunday, June 30th. In addition to collage work, the show will highlight assemblages and works on paper using found objects and carefully wrought wood and paper. The pieces above and below are my favorites, but you can check out more online right here or visit the show in person through this Sunday right here. Thanks to Scotty for the heads up! xo, grace


Really love the first image of the hands together, plus the bottom shot of the hands. Would look so cool on my wall back home! Real fan of these designs so keep them coming :)

Evelyn M

I have to agree with the loving the hands. My vision for them is a series of trivets running down a dining table ready to “hold” those hot pots of food. Wouldn’t that just make an awesome predinner story!


These are so great! They remind me a little bit of some of Bond√© Prang’s work with House Industries (though I am totally biased there, haha)! Way into that modern Hamsa.


I really enjoy Scott Albrecht’s work. I received a big box of his postcards for Christmas this year, and friends and family have enjoyed receiving them. They’re funky and inspirational.


We recently visited an exhibition of Scotty’s in Oregon and were thrilled to see his ENTIRE collection there. His masterpieces are works of art you definitely have to see to believe. So much detail and care taken for each individual piece. Huge fan.