Vintage Trailer Rentals from Goodness Travels

Clear your calendars, New Yorkers—the weekend road trip just got a heck of a lot cooler. While vintage trailer rentals have been a thing on the west coast for years, one small new company is bringing the joy of trailer camping to adventure-seekers on the east coast starting this summer. Goodness Travels, which currently rents a small “canned ham” trailer by the night, was founded by a husband/wife team hoping to spread their love of “tiny homes-on-wheels.” While their flagship trailer, Honey, is understandably minimal, it packs quite a lot of charm and utility into such a small space. Outfitted with two beds, a retro-style icebox, working kitchen, and an electrical hookup, this little guy is also souped up with fresh paint and some lovely midcentury-appropriate touches. According to the company’s website, Honey sleeps two adults (or “four very close friends”) comfortably, and starts at just $104 a night. For those looking to get away with friends from the city’s hustle, bustle, and sweltering heat this summer, Goodness Travels seems like the perfect option. Check out more photos after the jump! —Max

Nicole Devereux

I love this! I’ve been fantasizing about a vintage Airstream for awhile now, but of course have nowhere to put one, let alone all the costs. This is a great solution. Very cool, indeed.


I can’t contain my excitement. What an amazing idea! Love it.


I’m going to be honest, while I love this idea, I think my husband, at 6’1″, would kill me. I feel like he’d be constantly stooped over in there.


My husband and I are taking a 3-week road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway this summer, from San Diego, CA to Port Townsend, WA. Can you suggest a vintage trailer rental vendor on the West Coast please? Thanks!


Umm where can I find this on the West coast? This is my dream come true!


There’s a place like this in far west Texas… El Cosmico – Marfa, TX


I wish they are on the west coast. It will be much more fun to camp in CA.


Oh wow…such an awesome concept! When they add a larger one that could accomodate my family of four (preferably a vintage Airstream land yacht), I’ll be there in a skinny minute!

Mrs. Vallejos

On the west coast, try They have some lovely teardrop trailers (sleeping quarters inside, kitchen outside), as well as vintage models. I’m having trouble convincing the hubby to give this a try. One of these days he’s gonna lose a bet, then BAM!

Cindy Tedesco

Does anyone know of a place in Western North Carolina that rents vintage trailers?

Debbie Clinger

Would absolutely love this…one I could actually handle myself..???