Tobias Tovera

by Grace Bonney

I now live in an apartment that is basically one big long railroad of white walls. My previous apartment was quite small and the amount of wall space was pretty limited due to the layout of the space and placement of some really odd lighting fixtures my landlord bought. So now that I actually have space to display some things, I’ve started searching in earnest for artwork that would work in my space and means something to me. For a while now I’ve been art-stalking the website of San Francisco artist, Tobias Tovera. Tobias’ paintings look like what I imagine a pool slowly filled with natural dyes would look like. Soft, wafting and full of the sort of watery blurred lines that I find it possible to resist. These diffused pigment paintings are so beautiful I can only dream of how incredible it would be to have one of these, large scale, in a room. I feel like there’s so much emotion, so much drama and also so much calmness in them that it would be the perfect thing to see when you start and end each day. I’m going to take a leap and email to see what pricing is like, but in the meantime, you can click here to check out more of Tobias’ incredible work.

*ps: I will be doing several posts next week on my new apartment and sharing some “before” pictures, so stay tuned!

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