Summer Strawberry Fabric

Yesterday as our team and loyal friends (because who else would sit with you in 90 degree weather for a work project?) filmed a video for the site, I took a moment to really let summer sink in. As always, it crept up with a BANG and somewhere in between layering on jackets this spring and peeling off any extra layer I could find, summer heat is in full effect. As much as the southern part of me is used to, and sort of loves, extreme heat, I prefer to be near something cool if possible. But if that’s not an option, I at least try to remind myself about all the good parts of the hottest time of the year. For me, a lot of that has to do with strawberries. Strawberries (good), strawberry picking (better) and strawberry shortcake (best!) always remind me of summer, so when I saw this new fabric by Heather Ross at Purl Soho, I added it to my wishlist. I’m not sure what I’d use this for, but part of me is tempted to make a small roman shade with it for my kitchen. Something about it feels so sweet and cozy and perfect for that space. But it would be equally cute to use for summer bedding or an outdoor tent. If I could arrange to eat strawberry shortcake inside a strawberry-covered tent, I’d be a happy girl. Click here to check out this fabric and order online. xo, grace


Stuck in the southern hemisphere winter this makes me smile, reminding me that the days have started to get longer again and soon summer will be back. Thanks for a Wednesday night smile. Anna


I have napkins made from a yard of strawberry print my Grandma gave me as a joke. The joke is that I’m allergic to strawberries.

Anne Marie Jackson Pattern Occurring

How timely it is Wimbledon too. The traditional food of Wimbledon is strawberries and cream.
I actually really like Heather Ross’s collection, playful and hand rendered. Just my thing.
I’m not a quilter but think this could have many uses like topping my jam pots. Result!


See Grace, you link it, poof, sells out, none left in white!


I don’t know, they have it in other colors but not the white…. too bad, I love it, your taste is great as usual.


I can’t find the red on white either, just the lilac on white, red on green, and red on pink. I want this cute fabric to make a sundress for my niece! And maybe a picnic blanket for myself.