Summer Beach Trip + DIY Driftwood Hanger (Video)

Last week, after a few days of terrible weather and cabin fever, our little blog team got a huge treat. To celebrate their new collection with Milly, Banana Republic sent a few teams of bloggers off on day-vacations. I don’t typically take these sorts of trips, but after a particularly tough few months, I decided to take the chance to get away from the city and dip my feet in some sand. Max and Amy work awfully hard and it was so nice to be able to take this opportunity to give them a day in the sun and a delicious lobster lunch. So we packed up the car, cranked up the Beyonce and headed out to Montauk. The eastern end of Long Island is one of the most beautiful beach areas I’ve visited and getting to be there before the rush of tourists hit town was really special. I love my teammates so much, but getting to spend a few hours with them just having fun, not “working” and enjoying some good food and window shopping was just wonderful.

We’re never happy just sharing pictures of things we’ve done, so we decided to pay the beach fun forward with a quick and easy DIY project than anyone can do using driftwood (or other found twigs and branches). We used some beautiful copper wire, pink neon twine and a little elbow grease to create some new hangers for our office entryway. I think everyday objects are a great chance to bring a little extra design detail into the world, so taking these pieces we collected on the beach and turning them into office regulars was so fun. Now every time we hang up our coats we’ll be reminded of our day in the sun. xo, grace

Music by Mermonte.

Shops visited: Surf Bazaar, Homenature, Nellie’s, Tiina The Store, Love Adorned

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Becca / A Good Good Day

Well that was adorable! And I loved the little DIY at the end! I love the look and feel that a piece of driftwood provides- I picked up a wonky looking (but beautiful) piece 4 years ago from the shore of Lake Ontario here in Toronto and it’s been sitting on my dresser ever since!

Those shops you visited look beautiful though- would it be possible to get the names?


Those stores look so amazing. There’s something so lovely about East Coast beach culture that’s very different from here on the West Coast.


hey D*S team! great music, fun scenes and lovely DIY at the end :) this makes me want to take a little trip to my own beach getaway in galveston, texas.

Kelsey Oseid

Agree with above comment ^ I feel like I just went on a mini vacation just watching.

I LOVE THE DIY. Whose idea was that?!?!?!

Sarah LoCascio

LOVED this…it felt like being there! Montauk is close my heart, we summered there every single year growing up, many meals at Duryeas:) So much fun watching this video picking out things I recognized out there.
Thanks! Brought sunshine to my night here..


I love love love the driftwood hanger. I might just replace all my cloth hangers with diy-ed once. Thanks for sharing. Also, the video was lovely. The combination of music and moving pictures created such great vibes, that I felt I have been with you on the one-day-vacation. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Jill, UK

I’m using an Android phone and sadly the video doesn’t display at all. :(


Love it all! Please post more pictures of the car. So cute!


Super cute! What a good looking team. I have a magazine clipping of the white dress with red coral print. It’s so beautiful on.


Next time you are in Montauk you MUST go to Naturally Good Foods and Cafe. Its just off the main street a few blocks down on S. Etna when you are heading to the Sloppy Tuna. Andrea and Lauren are doing amazing thing with food and the back garden is perfect to relax and enjoy a summer breakfast/lunch. Tell them Dana sent you :)


Everything Design Sponge posts is sooooo inspiring! You guys made me travel there, thanks!


What a cute video. Love the driftwood hanger. Will definitely try that. I’m happy for your vacation!