Storm Clouds Wallpaper

Despite the couch drama with my new apartment, I have (finally!) been lucky enough to stumble onto a landlord who is SO cool he said I could do whatever I want to the apartment. Like “tear out the cabinets and replace them”, whatever. While I can’t afford to do anything major right now, I’ve been making lists of things to look into like new countertops, changing out doors and wallpaper. My landlord said wallpapering was fine (what?? yay!) so I’ve been bookmarking papers I’d like to try in my closet. While this isn’t my normal style, for some reason this crazy cool Storm Clouds wallpaper from Abigail Edwards feels so different and interesting. I love the grey colorway- that with some natural leather straps on the closet doors would look really cool. I love patterns like this that would be right at home in a younger person’s room but also work for adults. It’s all about the styling. Click here to check out and shop this paper online. xo, grace


Smart landlord. I’d let the genius behind DS do whatever she wanted too!


Such fun wallpaper, and I agree, using it in your entranceway would be a great addition.

Anne Marie Jackson Pattern Occurring

I am really looking forward to your before and after! I think the Abigail Edwards paper is fun. I’m not sure why people find it hard to hang wallpaper? I prefer it to painting any day. No paint specks in your hair to try and remove. Then when you are bored just go over it. I used to work in a victorian building in Newcastle England and that is what they did. Layers of history pealing away in the bowls of the building. In fact i think the wallpaper held the walls up, ha ha.