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sneak peek: best of turquoise

by Shannon Grant

With the summer solstice almost here, it feels like the right time to do a round up of one of the colors I associate most with summer: turquoise. Varied hues of turquoise remind me of swimming pools, mysterious arrowheads found on family trips out West, blue raspberry slushies from 7-Eleven and endless blue skies on the hottest summer days — just a few of the many things that define summer fun. While combing through the archives, it was easy to find examples of turquoise in many homes. It seems to be one of those colors that possesses the rare quality of being perpetually on trend and timeless at once, a color chameleon that is, among other things, chic, playful and cheerful. Here are some of my favorites! –Shannon

Image above: This worn-in, vintage armoire nicely offsets the boldness of Liz Cook’s bedroom walls.

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Image above: This hotel room at The Lords in Miami goes all out with turquoise on the pillows, side table and this fabulous portrait of Elizabeth Taylor.

Image above: Wallpaper fills almost every room in Elisabeth Dunker’s country home. Pairing this turquoise wallpaper with patterned blankets makes for an elegantly disheveled bedroom.

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Image above: Jill Danyelle cherishes this weathered turquoise ashtray she received as a birthday gift from a friend.

Image above: Neon lighting serves as an unexpected light source in Armin Basblicher’s bathroom.

Image above: Alison and Jeff Allen’s kitchen needs a complete overhaul, but since they won’t be remodeling anytime soon, they gave it a quick and easy facelift by painting the walls bright turquoise.

Image above: There’s nothing like a backdrop of clean white paint to make other colors pop, specifically this turquoise Eames chair in Raya Carlisle’s home.

Image above: Nicholas Santore and Valerie Ferus’ dining room showcases just about every hue in the turquoise spectrum.

Image above: Turquoise serves as a perfect backdrop for displaying artwork in Chrissy Poitras and Kyle Topping’s print studio.

Image above: These tiles, combined with the porthole mirror and boat wallpaper lend a playful nautical vibe to Pete and Bailey McCarthy’s bathroom.

Image above: Charity D’Amato loves coming home every night to this pop of color on her walls.

Image above: Kelly Teasley re-glazed the bottom of her bathtub to match the tile in her turquoise hued bathroom.

Image above: Turquoise has never looked more elegant than it does at the Palacio Belmonte in Portugal.

Image above: Another view of Kelly Teasley’s turquoise hued bathroom.

Image above: Hot pink and turquoise make the perfect pair in Carla and Jack’s Minnesota home.

Image above: These turquoise chairs mix in nicely with the lush greenery in Shelley Goldberg and Tony Writer’s backyard.

Image above: Turquoise takes center stage in this gorgeous portrait in Amie’s Weitzman’s New York City townhouse.

Image above: A childhood blackboard and vintage stool brings shades of turquoise into Kimi and Paul Weart’s kitchen.

Image above: Jo Metson Scott displays a collection of globes in her East London home.

Image above: Michelle Mason’s stairs, painted “Port Arthur Blue”, remind her of the seaside.

Image above: This delicate pendant lamp adds to the airy feeling of Vesa and Riikka Sammalisto’s home.

Image above: Another quick-fix kitchen facelift, Jutta Rikola paints a turquoise sky and pink clouds on the cabinets.

Image above: Turquoise brings a welcome dose of color into Sverrir and Berglind Mari’s Iceland home.

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  • The blues in the Palacio Belmonte photo are decidedly not turquoise! They are beautiful, but belong in another blue roundup.

  • I just realized that turquoise is the perfect accompaniment to the Mediterranean blue plans I have for our master bedroom… Thanks for the inspiration! ;)

  • Love seeing a color in all of it’s forms, shades, and possibilities! Very inspiring to see so many great ideas on how to incorporate such a lovely color in so many ways.

  • Turquoise reminds me of sifting through the turqoise jewelry in search of the perfect piece at the Indian market in Santa Fe during the summer! I love to offset it with a little splash of coral for punch.
    Love the pendant lamp… Perfect splash of color without overdoing it, and reminds me of a trip to the aquarium.

  • I’ve always loved turquoise! Thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to paint a guest room turquoise, thanks to you!

  • That turquoise tub is great. I like how you balance out major and minor color commitments with these posts.

    If you’re looking for themes, I recently moved, and would love a “best of” post of exposed brick walls. Thanks!

  • Can someone tell me the name of the paint Liz Cook used for her bedroom walls in the first picture? Is it Sherman Williams?

  • Love the photo of Elizabeth Taylor. That image is one of my favorites. Her jewelry from the movie Cleopatra is one of the elements that inspired me to start my vintage jewelry website!

  • The two views of Kelly Teasley’s bathroom do not seem to be the same room. However, the colors in the second view-the rusty coral ceiling and the red-brown floor tile, perfectly contrast with the turquoise. Beautiful! (What color and brand of paint is the ceiling?)

  • Ohhmygosh! After 6 months of trying desperately to come up with a coordinating paint option for our old 1930’s baby pink tile in our bathroom, I have FINALLY realized what color to use. Thank you, DesignSponge!

  • It is such a peaceful color. I love the cozy feel of the wallpaper and blanket in Elizabeth Dunkin’s country home. I want to crawl in that bed right now and escape this hectic week. Thanks for giving me a few moments of peace!

  • Great post! Do you have a source for the turquoise patio chairs in ShellyG & Tony W’s garden patio? I LOVE them! Please & Thanks!

  • My grandparents have kept their kitchen the same shade of turquoise since 1948. I loved it so much I took their paint stick to get matched and painted my studio the same color. It’s a magical color for me!

  • It’s amazing how much difference a touch of a particular colour can make, some really lovely inspirational ideas here, great stuff!

  • I love the turquoise in the bathroom. For me the color turquoise connotations fresh and clean, and that’s a wonderful feeling to have in a bathroom.