Slide Into Summer with Slide Sideways

Above image: “Broken Arrow” screen printed tote bag.

Like many people, I often associate seasons with smells, colors, sounds, and textures. During fall and winter, for example, you’ll often find me falling for deep, rich colors and heavy fabrics like wool and flannel—perfect compliments for a cooler, darker time of year. The warmer months, though, are all about shedding the weight that came before them. With the onset of summer comes not just morning birdsong, deep green foliage, and steep air conditioning bills, but nude canvas, cool linen, and lightly colored cotton. There’s something about summer (perhaps the weighty heat often found in New York City) that makes me yearn for simpler, more back-to-basics materials and colors. Luckily, I just stumbled upon a small company that totally has my number this summer: the Washington-based Slide Sideways.

Founded in 2008 by Jacqui and Scott Scoggin, Slide Sideways began as a small, husband/wife graphic design operation. The couple’s love of the outdoors and handicraft, however, soon had them expanding their entrepreneurial horizons and starting a small product line. Today, the Slide Sideways line features a range of charming bags and pouches, all constructed by hand in tehe couple’s home studio. With a nod towards old scouting motifs, these little lovelies are right up my alley. I was especially drawn to the couple’s collection of silkscreened produce bags—they’re an excellent way to reduce plastic intake while shopping and they look super swanky. Win-win! Check out the rest of this fabulous, hand-crafted line after the jump! —Max

Above image: Screen printed nature patches

Above image: Produce bag

Above image: Cotton zip pouch

Above images: Silk screen printed backpack

Above image: Cotton Pencil Pouch

Anne Marie Jackson Pattern Occurring

What a shame their web sight is under a redesign. Book marking it now to make sure I return. Very well designed products Jacqui and Scott. Would love to touch base with you as I am also a Washington-based designer.

Sarah from a fine line

So cute, i love the patterns. You can still buy their merchandise through etsy, maybe this article should link there instead. I just bought one of their foraging bags for my husband.


The link to the silk screen backpack takes you to the cotton zip pouch.

Amy Azzarito

Thanks so much, KJ! It’s fixed now!


My favorite is also the “Broken Arrow” it’s so cute, but the patterns are all very lovely I really appriciate the handcrafted goods. Keep on crafting.

Sarah at Lazerwood

LOVE the retro vibe…like summer camp for grownups with great taste. Should definitely. collaborate with us on some custom covers!