RSS Moving Day + weekly wrap up

We’re ending the day with a little public service announcement. We wanted to remind you that the Google Reader service is ending on July 1 – but you don’t have to lose all your feeds! It’s just time to move. I have about 200 feeds in my reader and I moved everything this morning in just a couple of seconds. (Just to be safe – because I can be a little paranoid – I moved everything to both feedly and to bloglovin). Lifehacker and Wired just wrote about migrating your RSS feeds. Design*Sponge is available via all of the RSS readers. Have a great weekend!  -Amy

Here are a couple of RSS options:

Feedly:  It has great interface, easy integration with Google Chrome and Firefox, as well as good apps for iOS and Android. You can import your Google RSS reader with one click.
Pulse:  They have a very slick and visual interface with both an iOS app and Android app.
Bloglovin:  Beautiful interface and an easy import. (Has a faster load time that Google Reader did – yay!)

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


Dan Craig

I’d like to recommend Curata Reader (, a minimalist feed reader that puts a lot of emphasis on rendering articles cleanly, simply, and beautifully. You can also put filters on your feeds and choose how much of each feed you want to see. And I can report that D*S looks great on it :)


Would y’all (Amy, Grace, and Max) be willing to share some of what’s in your feeds? I could use some new blogs and would love some tips!


I couldn’t find a feed reader that suited me, so I build my own: I use it as new tab page in Firefox. If you want the code, I’d happily share it.

Ersi Marina

Thanks for the reminder! I had completely forgotten about this. I just moved my feeds to bloglovin’, couldn’t resist the lovin’ call :)