Oak Wood Bike Hanger

by Grace Bonney

If you live in New York and have a nice bike, it can be a mixed blessing. It’s great to have a bike you love and want to ride everywhere, but the downside is the seemingly large network of people who like to steal nice bikes and their parts. For that reason, a lot of people choose to store their bikes inside their apartments to prevent theft. Most of the racks on the market are more function than form, but it’s been great to see designers start to tackle the world of indoor racks. This beautiful oak hanger by Woodstick is a perfect example. Each hanger is handmade in Europe and installs easily on three standard screws. I like that it’s pretty enough to stand on its own when it’s not holding a bike. If you’ve got to store bikes indoors, click here to check out this option in more detail and order online. xo, grace

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  • I love the fashionable way of displaying a bike as a piece of art when not in use, and might I add that bikes are stolen from small “towns” like Chicago just like the big shots in NYC.

    • bekah

      agreed- i didn’t mean to imply bikes weren’t stolen in other cities. new york just has a particularly aggressive bike-stealing community. i’ve never seen bikes hacked apart and taken for pieces so quickly anywhere else.


  • the trouble with something like this here in Glasgow (and the same goes in Edinburgh) is the old lathe and plaster walls aren’t reliably strong enough to secure something like this on. The risk is you’d come home and find your bike, your nice bit of oak and a fair chunk of your wall in a dusty heap on the floor. Some people joke that there are walls in their flats held up only by the wallpaper-this is not as far from the truth as you might imagine!

    Oh how I long for the easy to secure to ‘studs’ I hear New World folks talk about! Bit I wouldn’t give up my tenement flat for anything :o)

  • Oh my! I don’t like a lot of the products featured on design websites and magazines because I find them too artsy and not enough functional. But this scores on both counts! Now I first need the hangar and then a bike to hang in it!

  • Those bike racks are pretty sweet. Yeah I would say the same about DC…very aggressive bike-stealing community. Basically, if you have a bike in DC, it WILL get stolen at some point. So that’s something to keep in mind when you’re deciding how much you want to spend on one. And if you spend less on the bike, you could probably afford to spend more on a pretty bike rack like one of these. :)

  • Love that you included this! I’ll be living in an apartment soon and my boyfriend and I love to go biking often, however, I don’t feel comfortable storing them outside. This is a great alternative! Thanks for sharing.

  • Interesting Idea.
    I would make a few of this this summer, but I will use a cheery wood because last summer my cherry tree just dry from the drought. Cherry wood is one of the hardest woods available.