New Artwork from Lena Wolff

I really love Lena Wolff‘s work. There’s something slightly dark about it, but still so beautiful and intricate and elegant. Her latest work was inspired by early American quilt patterns and it’s been an interesting (and gorgeous) direction to see her explore. Lena has a new show opening on June 26th at one of my favorite spots, Ampersand Gallery & Books in Portland, OR. You can see the work in person, but Ampersand also has a selection of work that will be online and you can purchase works through their website (or via email) as well. Click here to check out more of Lena’s work online.

*If you’re in San Francisco, you can also check out Lena’s work on the walls of the Black Dahlia at Barrow Salon. She created a beautiful 7-foot wall piece for the salon.

Alice Waters

Lena Wolff is my favorite artist. I wish I could live in her compositions. Long live folk art.

Jessee Wolff

Lena’s work is brilliant – beautiful, intricate, evocative. The craftsmanship and detail of each piece is truly inspiring. Lucky Portlanders! (Can’t wait for a show in New York.)

Portland Apothecary

We’ve said it before, but we’ll keep saying it Lena’s work is astoundingly beautiful and complex. Portland we’re super lucky to get to see her work at Ampersand this week in person!

Hilary Reyl

Lena Wolff’s art is heartbreakingly beautiful, both in its colorful lightness and in its shadows. I agree that there is a slightly dark depth to it that offsets its stunning elegance. I’m with Alice Waters: Lena Wolff is my favorite artist too!


Beautiful! These are so stunning in person – see them if you can.