My Favorite 15 Magazines + Neon Magazine Holder

by Grace Bonney

A few years ago, it seemed like everyone and their brother agreed that there was something special and absolutely necessary about print publications. We accepted that they needed to grow and change with the times, but everyone talked about loving the way the paper felt in their hands and wanting to be able to tear out pieces and pin them to inspiration boards. But then the other day I asked that question to a large group of my friends and everyone looked at me like I was crazy for still buying and not e-reading magazines. Maybe it’s just my age, but everyone around me seems to have tossed all their print magazines in exchange for tablet magazines, online magazines and e-book stands. While I love those options and how eco-friendly they are, I am still holding out for my favorite magazines that I can hold in my hands. There’s something about flipping through those pages while drinking coffee in the morning that’s just not the same as swiping a screen with your finger. So today I thought I’d share the my Favorite 15 Magazines and a seriously cute magazine holder that I’m crushing on. Neon, translucent, pink? Sold. Here’s to everyone out there making beautiful print magazines that continue to inspire me and fill my weekends with hours of page-flipping fun. xo, grace

Sources and the rest of my favorite print magazines after the jump…

Image above, clockwise from top left: Tom Tom Magazine, Put a Egg On It, Beautiful/Decay, Collect, Edible Brooklyn, Bust.

Image above, left to right: Anthology, Frankie, Rustbelt Almanac.

Image above, clockwise from top left: Lucky Peach, Kinfolk, Fast Company, Martha Stewart Living (the Holy Grail for me)

Image above, left to right: Works that Work, Maker

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  • Really great list! Another magazine I think is worth mentioning is Uppercase.. so beautifully and thoughtfully put together. It’s also quite the tangible experience! Posts like these make me super excited.. thank you for sharing!

  • I love printed material! I’m a graphic designer, and when ever I talk to a client and they ask about web, I tell them I love paper, so print is my passion. I still don’t own a tablet of any sort and buy books and magazines so I can hold and smell them!

  • Being 28 I’m part of the generation who actually remembers holding books and magazines. It’s sad to see them disappearing as I enjoy the tangible element of holding books and magazines. I’ve got hundreds stored in my flat which I read cover to cover as a youth (yes, I’m sad) and they’re very important to me. BUT! I think we’ll save on a lot of paper by ditching newspapers etc. in the digital revolution. Which will be good for the environment, of course.

  • I still love books and magazines but I do have a kindle and an i-pad that I use for both. Sometimes you just want the feel of the book and the glossy pages!

  • I’m totally showing my age here (I’m 30), but I do sometimes prefer the print experience. The smell, feel, and weight of a print magazine is so much more relaxing than sitting in front of another brightly-lit screen. Sure, I do e-read some magazines (Martha Stewart does some cool interactive things with her publications in the iPad)…but sometimes it’s nice to give my eyes and mind a break from the screen.

    Also had no idea Bust magazine was still going strong – I haven’t read that in years!

  • It slightly rankles me when people say “I remember holding books…” – they haven’t vanished off the face of the earth! I hope they never do. I’m glad to see more book for the Kindle – as someone who moves from country to country, sometimes I end up in places where the options of buying books in English are extremely limited and/or very expensive. The Kindle also saves on luggage space! I got through 5 book during a weekend break in my current country, imagine carrying 5 books…
    However, physical books are good for so many reasons – the ability to have both words and photos/illustrations, the feel of them, those with beautiful covers, those that mean something to you and you want to pass on to your children/nieces/nephews (however you are so inclined). But I don’t think books will ever go away (magazines though, who knows, which is a shame because there are some beautiful magazines out there, like the ones listed here – my most recent magazine purchase was The Gentlewoman, another lovely publication.

  • I absolutely LOVE magazines. I have an iPad, which accompanies me on my travels, along with my print copies of The New Yorker, Dwell, and Uppercase, along with Running Times and Scientific American. Ain’t nothin’ like a real live magazine.

  • Wow, that is a great magazine holder! Unfortunate about the price, though. If it was Kartell (which it sort of looks like), then it would be worth it… but Urban Outfitters? Please! If you find a cheaper version I’d love to see it on the blog!

  • You’re right! It was only a few years ago when the first generation kindles came out that everyone was debating on print vs. ereader. A lot of people were saying that they couldn’t ever imagine themselves preferring digital over print but now look at them! So many people switched over; maybe it’s just the convenience of it. Regardless, all the power to you for still choosing print.

  • Grace, I too love reading a mag with my morning coffee. So cool that you’re a fan of
    Lucky Peach!…..World of Interiors is my personal guilty pleasure..Donna Esposito

  • This is so great! Thanks Grace, there are so many magazines here that I didn’t know about.

    This takes the ongoing sting out of my favorite magazines folding – Jane, specifically. ALSO this magazine called Budget Living that ran for three glorious years until 2006. IT was amazing.

  • I’m a complete magazine junkie and love hearing about mags I don’t know about, thanks! I also love Wilder Quarterly, beautifully produced and such a treat.

  • The only ones I read in print now are Anthology, Kinfolk + Uppercase. Martha I now e-read, along with any other favs. I agree with you-there is something lovely about the tangible, and I don’t see myself giving that up entirely, EVER. ;)

  • I have one copy of the international edition of Flow, a Dutch magazine with the byline ‘for paper lovers.’ A second international edition has just become available. Flow is beautiful and I treasure my copy and plan on buying the second edition. Unfortunately, printing is so expensive; I just can’t afford to buy copies of all the loveliest magazines. That’s why I just fell for the $10 Martha come on that arrived in my mailbox.

  • I will never end my subscriptions to print magazines. I can’t get into the articles as much when I try to read them online, I tend to skim when I’m on the internet, but if I’m sitting there and reading a magazine I’ll actually read it through. I also love having that stack of magazines I’ve finished, just like the stacks of books I’ve read, it feels like an accomplishment. Just a big ol’ pile of mind-trophies!

    -I’m also a big proponent of magazines in the bathroom :)!

    -oh, and it’s fun to get mail!! -so many reasons to keep print magazines!

  • I’m a print mag fan, too, as well as real books! I enjoy reading on my Kindle Fire, but I prefer a book. Real Simple is my favorite magazine…your selection looks delicious, I’m off to check them out…

  • Want to add Selvedge to the print magazine list: a wonderful British publication focusing on textiles in all their gorgeous, international, historical, and brilliantly-designed glory.

  • I need those magazine holders in my life. I have a ridiculous amount of magazines and that would be the perfect way to showcase a few at a time. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for introducing me to some new mags and mentioning old faves too! BTW, if anyone if ever gonna toss design-y magazines, you may want to ask a teacher if their students could re-use ’em for collage projects. As much as I love Martha Stewart Living, after many reads I take old issues to go ‘under the scissors’ in my elementary art classroom. They are so great for projects — beautiful colors, nature/flower photos, cute animal pics, etc.!

  • Totally agree with you about print magazines. LOVE them! Do not want to read beautiful, glossy magazines on an e-reader. If you love all those magazines you listed, you MUST check out this British magazine called The Simple Things. You can find it at B&N.

  • I’m absolutely on your wavelength! It’s not your age, I’m a nineteen year old design student in Sydney, Australia and I most look forward to buying a new mag, feeling the weight of it and even smelling the pages as I flick through (is that weird)? E-publications are in a completely different world – not nearly as exciting in my opinion! Magazines are by far the best way to spend Sunday morning. Love your work Grace!

  • Many of these publications have digital versions too, for example Works That Work is a joy to read on an iPad or Kindle http://worksthatwork.com It is not print or digital, it’s about the content. Some content simply works better in print, other is great on screen.

  • There’s a fine line between books and magazines these days. Anthology, Kinfolk and The Gentlewoman are like books to me (quality and price). I would never tear out a page from any of them. On that note however, I do tear out pages from other more affordable magazines and keep them in binders. Kind of like my own “best of” interiors, fashion, etc. I could never do this with digital magazines. I’ve tried printing pages from the web, just not the same quality. Viva la PRINT!

  • I have a paper periodical addiction. No e-reader has ever done for me what paper does and I doubt that will ever change. I’m coveting the spring Sweet Paul right now. Also Mollie Makes.

  • I lovel love magazines and also agree that it is important to give our eyes a break and reader. Show your age hah! I have been collecting Martha since the 90’s and only recently have taken to non subscription but choosing instead to support my local book store and buying my monthly Martha (and a lucky peach or two).

  • Even though I have an ipad, I somehow can’t snuggle with it the way I can snuggle with a magazine. And oh, have I tried. My boyfriend and I both have our “piles”… His papers, and my magazines. I don’t have a bedside table because my pile is so high. Paradise!

    I haven’t heard of Put A Egg On It, but, it sounds amazing! Definitely going to check that out. : )

  • Dumbo Feather, a lovely Australian quarterly about inspirational people and their craft.

  • A journal I cannot recommend highly enough, is Delayed Gratification – they celebrate slow journalism and follow up in stories we may have forgotten – all beautifully presented.

  • I’m a little late to the party here, but I’m adding another vote for Uppercase. They are having a bit of hard time right now; what with the flooding in Calgary & moving their operation. Back issues are on sale right now (to help clear out inventory before their move). It’s a good time to try an issue if you’ve been on the fence. The sale ends this Sunday here: http://tinyurl.com/nj9nypc