My 20 Favorite Dog Leashes + Leads

This year has been full of so many surprises already and the greatest one yet has been the new addition to my furry family. Hope has brought so much happiness to my life, it’s easy to forgive and forget the countless objects that have been torn up during puppy fits of frenzy. Craziness aside, I have discovered that the most peaceful part of every day is now the 6:30am walks I take with her to and from our neighborhood park. It’s quiet, you can hear birds chirping and I am hopelessly in love with the sound her nails make as they click along the sidewalk. She has turned this three-decade champion couch potato into a regular long-distance walker. Hope has worn the same harness and leash since I adopted her, but I finally feel ready to switch them out. Much like everything I’ve ever rescued (pets and furniture) I tend to live with something for a few weeks before even considering changing it. It just feels respectful to the previous life they/it had to let things settle into their new way of being. So in honor of my hunt great hunt for a cute but functional new leash to go on Hope’s harness, I decided to share my top 20 leashes that I’ve been bookmarking around the web. From girly and ombre to classic and leather, there’s an option here for any dog and hopefully something that might suit the owner’s style, too. [Image above: RESQ Leash $50]

*Please note these leashes should be attached to harnesses or collars that are safe for your dog’s size and condition. Not all leashes are right for all dogs so please read the description for each item before ordering.

Shopping sources and more leashes continue after the jump!

Image above: 1. Found Leash in Olive Ombre $64 | 2. Arrowhead leash $30 | 3. Black & Cream Leash $30 | 4. Mod Leaves Leash $38 | 5. Pink Rope Leash $35 | 6. Yellow leather leash $52.50 | 7. Triangle pattern leash $28 | 8. Preppy green leather lead $160 | 9. Flagged Leash $13-$16 | 10. Pink ombre rope leash $56-$60

Image above, left to right: Marbled red rope lead $42, Green rope lead $42

Image above, clockwise from top left: Ella Dish leash $36, Polka dot lead $14+, Braided leashes $34 each, Hello! leash and collar set $25, Vintage jute leash $25, Ella Dish leash $36, Gingham lead $36


Each of our rescue pitties ( have a Grey Paw Design rope leash and they are so well-made and beautiful! I’ve become partial to leather leashes though, they are sooooo nice on your hands! Keeping my eyes out for some cool leather leashes to add to our collection, so thank you for this beautiful list!! :)


Is it weird that I want a puppy even more after seeing that fabulous pink ombre leash!?


FYI, plain rope leads can be purchased from any horse supply shop for a small fraction of the price. For a DIY project, you could buy a plain white lead rope for $7.99 and do the ombre dye yourself. You would also have to fashion a handle at the end, but that could easily be done with a metal clasp made for that purpose found at the hardware store for less than a buck, or I suppose with twine (& glue?) as shown in an example above.

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colors –

Deb Keirce

I walk dogs for a dog walking company, Woofies, in VA. With the super hot sun and ice storms, etc., there are times when I need to get a dog to move quicker thzn he wants to…to keep us both safe from the elements. I love and use the line of harnesses made by Sporn. They are a small co., but create harnesses that do mot put pressure on the dogs throat. You can tug, and it is like yoy are lifting the dog up from under her arms. They work great!


My dog has a ton of collars but I have used the same leather leash for probably six years (as a puppy he ate the first one). Once you break it in they are really soft and durable.

Jessica Jones

What a nice surprise–you’ve featured two leashes with prints I’ve designed. Mod Leaves #4, and the Hello leash and collar set. Thanks for this cool roundup!