Modern Weddings: 15 Awesome Wedding Tattoo Ideas

by Grace Bonney

This month’s editorial theme is all about weddings and celebrating the outdoors. Our DIY projects will range from clever and crafty wedding ideas to projects that help you celebrate your backyard or local part a little bit more. When we started brainstorming wedding ideas, I thought back to all of the amazing weddings I’ve had the pleasure of attending over the past few years. My favorites have been the ones that were a little different, a little less traditional and a lot of fun. One of the things I’ve noticed a lot of lately are people forgoing rings or other traditional details and turning them into more permanent commitments- namely, tattoos. While it’s widely considered bad luck to tattoo another person’s name on yourself (if you’re romantically involved), I’ve seen some really cool spins on the idea and thought it would be fun to share something outside of the box for our wedding month (I’ve included a few temporary tattoos, too). Not everyone is into lace and flower pomanders so this is for anyone looking for a little inspiration in the other direction…xo, grace

Image above: XO Wrist Hug Temporary Tattoo $5

The full sources and more wedding tattoo ideas continue after the jump…

Image above, clockwise from top left: A deal’s a deal (temporary), & symbols (permanent), tip of finger patterns (permanent, but would be lovely as henna, too), nautical “rings” (permanent)

Image above, clockwise from top left: Anchors (permanent), Eat/Drink/Be Married (custom temporary idea by Wiley Valentine), infinity ring tattoos (permanent), Forever tattoo (ironically, temporary)

Image above, clockwise from top left: The wedding couple’s face on a tattoo (temporary), tattly diamond tattoos (temporary), card face tattoos (permanent), hearts on ring fingers (permanent), matching circle halves instead of rings (permanent).

Image above: Heart tattoo under your ring finger (permanent)

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  • Some of these are a bit too literal for me, and too obviously replacing the rings, but some of them are so sweet! My favorite is the two halves of a circle, I just love it. Not complete without the other person…

  • It wasn’t a tattoo, but my friends Mark and Shirley, used an Hermes bangle instead of a ring because, and I wish I remembered Mark’s words exactly, the love Shirley had to share was far to great to be encapsulated by a ring.

  • My husband and I have tattooed wedding rings! We used silver James Avery rings for the ceremony, and then got our fingers tattooed as soon as we could find a good tattoo artist who would tattoo fingers (many won’t). We were told to make sure our design was not too detailed and had enough blank space between the letters (we got the Hebrew word “kabod”, which means weight or glory, in reference to our wedding song “The Weight” by Thrice) since finger tattoos tend to bleed out over time. Three years later, they still look perfect!

  • my husband and i did temporary tattoos for our wedding favor. they were drawn by his tattoo artist and were so symbolic of the two of us! we also have about 200 left over and hate to throw away. one of my absolute favorite parts of our wedding day.

  • These are awesome! However, I’d love to interject here as someone with NUMEROUS hand tattoos and finger tattoos. While many of these look great now (I’m looking at you, heart-under-ring-finger-tat), most people who are getting these do not or will not accept that in less than a year and not to mention many more, these will be worn, falling out, fading, and looking not great.

    A great number of hip young adults and older young adults who see these cutesy tats will expect these to look blog-ready far down the road, when they will definitely NOT be. Just a word of warning, folks.

    Top side of hands/fingers, thin lines, a good artist, and proper care (NO rings worn over them!) will ensure a longer lasting, better looking finger/hand tat.

    Just wanted to put that out there as many people see these pictures. I once thought those rules didn’t apply to me, either, but your skin will say otherwise.

  • My family had temporary tattoos made for my wedding as a gag. They put my husband’s name in a heart a la ‘I love Mom’ tattoos. At one point in the ceremony, the entire bridal party left to apply them. We have so many great shots of folks sporting their ink!

  • Adorable ideas! My man & I have been together for over 7 years but plan to only get married when EVERYONE has equal rights to marry who they love.

  • I love the idea of wedding tattoos as a more permanent alternative to tattoos. (better really think about the longevity of your relationship! a ring is removable!)
    BUT.. heed Effie’s warning.

    My friends have corresponding MR and MRS Pacman tattoos that are really cute.. they are eating a line of dots that line up to each others.. total nerds.

  • Agreed with Effie. My husband has his ring tattooed 11 years ago, and it is not the same. I chose a traditional ring but have his name tattooed in a lovely script on my back. It, too, is also starting to all bleed together. Think carefully before doing this! I’m happy to report that while I might regret the tattoo, I do not regret my choice of men.

  • My husband and I have crowns tattooed on our ring fingers, and just as Effie says, it’s important to know, up front, that yes, this ink isn’t as durable as elsewhere on the body and it does change. That said, our crowns, years later, are a little faded, sure, but still there, still going strong. Today we mark our 24th First Date-iversary and all these long years of love. Even less bright than they used to be, those crowns still mark us and bind us. Wouldn’t have it any other way. xo

  • Awesome idea! Henna tattoos are a big part of Indian weddings and used to be for both the bride and groom but with modern times, its been reduced to the bridge hands only. I think this post will inspire grooms in Indian weddings to continue the traditions :-)

  • It’s true, tattoos on the fingers can fade and not look so great as the years go by, because hands are constantly exposed to the elements. Sunblock is muy importante. But my husband and I must be doing something right because our tattoo rings that I designed still look fairly good after 13 years- – though maybe a touch up might be in order! And yeah, it was the most painful tat I had done, for me and the poor artist who did it. On the bright side, we have never lost one down the drain or on a beach!

  • A little off topic… I love the neutral lace shoes! Does anyone know who made them??

  • We had temporary tattoos at our wedding and guests loved them! They were banners that either said “Love” or “They Love Each Other” (yes, like the Grateful Dead song). We had them in our “bourbon saloon” area and people had a great time with them (as seen – https://www.weddingpartyapp.com/e/JkS5zSD) and they also conveniently took place of favors.

  • I like the idea of temporary tattoos for events. I have a few real tattoos and my husband has none. I’d really like for us to agree on a couples tattoo some day.

  • Hmm…..some of these would require serious consideration. My girlfriend is about to get married and her husband-to-be got a celtic wedding ring tatoo on his ring finger – for his FIRST marriage! They now have to choose a rather wide wedding band for THIS marriage in order to cover it up.

  • My husband and I have wedding tattoos! I have a heart and he has an anchor. I wear a wedding ring and have mine just above my wedding ring but he is a builder so he doesn’t wear a ring. We love them and got them done on our honeymoon!

  • I’m really leery about tattoo’s of husband’s, wife’s, boyfriends, girlfriends, and especially ring tattoo’s. I say, if you want a tattoo of someone you love, your mama, daddy and kids should be the only allowed. The divorce rate is just too high. And EVERYONE says they’ll never get divorced, but it happens. I say, stick with a ring!!!

  • I personally love the girl with a tattoo of husband and wife on her arm plus the couple who had half-a-circle tattoo…nice wedding tattoo ideas…some are literal representations and some are just creative…

  • Only just discovered this post (via Pinterest), and I love ALL of these – but especially the ‘secret’ ones like the two halves which make up a heart when the couple holds hands :-) Love, love, love this post.

  • My husband and I got matching flamingo silhouettes tattooed on the last day of our honeymoon, as we had real flamingos at our wedding at Kensington Roof Gardens and we ended our honeymoon roadtrip in Las Vegas so flamingos was a running theme, and we flamin-go well together I guess!

  • My fiance and I are getting each others signatures tattooed on the inside of our wrists.

  • I think that correspinding nuptual tattoos are friggin RAD… if done the right way. I especially like the ” Captain&Navigator rings! My soon to be hubby and I are going to get cohesive(not neccesarally MATCHING) FACE tats! Now before y’all get all worked up let me say first, that we’re both dirty kids(travelers who wander the country by means of hitch-hiking, train hopping and often walking) who likely would have narred our beautiful mugs with ink @ some point anyway. And second that we plan on having them done in colors that will fade a bit i.e red, green, lavender. That way if we ever decide to go our separate ways, or find it neccasary to get a job that comes with a boss(god forbid! Lol) , they can be covered with concealer. We haven’t chosen designs yet but are considering a continuation theame lukeva vine that starts under his eye and continues on my temple… we’ll see:-)