Living In: The Sandlot

Whenever I re-watch movies I loved as a child, I often find myself disappointed. Although I loved them when I was ten, for some reason, when I return to them, they seem to have lost a bit of their humor, life, and magic. This, however, has never been the case with The Sandlot. I first saw this throwback coming-of-age tale in theaters when I was just around five. I later viewed it again as a rental on VHS. Just a few years ago, I watched it again on DVD. Each time, it not only remained thoroughly enjoyable, it seemed to get even better. I guess that’s what makes a great, classic film—something that you can return to again and again with new eyes, only to love it more. And what’s not to love about The Sandlot? It’s got period set design, a heartwarming story of friendship, adventure, baseball, s’mores, WENDY PEFFERCORN—oh, and also “You’re killin’ me smalls!” Never gets old. —Max

1. Vintage Yankees Pennant | 2. Baseball | 3. Moscot Glasses | 4. Striped T-Shirt | 5. Dog Bone | 6. Sleeping Bag

1. Louisville Slugger Bat | 2. Red Cruiser Bike | 3. Cat Eye Sunglasses | 4. Swimsuit |  5. Baseball Glove | 6. PF Flyers | 7. Bazooka Joe Book | 8. Baseball Sheets

Film: The Sandlot

Director: David M. Evans

Starring: Tom Guiry, Mike Vitar, Patrick Renna, Chauncey Leopardi, Marley Shelton, James Earl Jones, Denis Leary

Art Direction: Marc Dabe

Set Decoration: Judi Sandin

Costume Design: Grania Preston

Production Design: Chester Kaczenski


Great post, but where can I get the swimsuit!!!? Those sheets are so cute…


Wow! I just watched The Sandlot with my 10 year old son last week and thought it would be great to see it as a Living In post. My wish came true!!!!


How timely given that The Sandlot is 20 years old this year!! One of the greatest movies!


I so love this movie and watch it every time it comes on. To those wondering about the swimsuit, apparently a young lady who formerly played one of the Power Rangers has designed a line of swimsuits similar to the one above. They seem to have proven more popular than even she anticipated, so they’re on back order, but you can check them out here:


I love this movie! It never gets old. I make a point of watching it every year.

Stephanie Burrage

I grew up in the town that Sandlot was filmed in. Its one of my most favorite shows. What I would have given to live there during that era.


I never watched this movie as a kid but have watched it multiple times with my kids. It is still a family favorite. The movie reminds me of my own summer days when my mom said, “go outside and play,” and that’s what we did – ALL DAY. No fancy summer camps, no sports training, no club sports teams… just good clean all-American mischief-making fun. This is going on our movie night list! Well done. LOVE this post.


I remember watching Dexter’s Laboratory and think I wanted something like that when I was a child myself. Man, life just flies.

Melissa Keyser

I can’t hear the word forever without thinking of this movie. And what Cait said- yes, A Coming To America live in! :)

Yvonne @ Dress This Nest

Aww! I LOVE this! So true about childhood movies. Never Ending Story is PAINFUL and my husband and I went to a “throwback” drive-thru and saw Gremlins which was just plain awful. This makes me want to put on a striped shirt and baseball cap. Thank you!


A good “living in” for the summer. Another I hope to see (if you haven’t already) is Little Darlings. Summer camp, boys, and finding that forever friend.


My daughter and I both love this movie, never get tired of it. They should make more movies like this.


One of my favorite movies of all time! I have seen it more times than any other movie – when I was little I’d watch it twice a day, if it was rainy out! Of course I had a huge crush on Benny.
Recently, I watched Cool Hand Luke – there’s the scene where there’s a hot lady washing her car in front of all the convicts. One of them says “She don’t know what she’s doing”, to which Paul Newman’s character says “She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing”. The Sandlot scene with Wendy oiling up has the same dialogue! What a great nod to Cool Hand Luke. It was fun for me to put it together so many years later.