Human/House/Harvey: Road Trippin’

Human House Harvey, Roadtrippin
When it comes to summer travel plans, I always like to make sure I fit in at least one road trip.  Whether its a short car ride down a scenic road to a campsite or a longer, interstate trek, I’m always down for the open road and some great memories.  There is something about having the windows down, a good song on the radio and miles of pavement in front of you that makes me instantaneously happy.  Good thing I found a pup who feels the same because nothing quite compares to a road trip with your dog.  Mr. Harvey and I headed up the coast of California last November, and now it’s time to plan our next adventure together! So with road trips on the brain, I thought I’d round up some some fun road trip items. Happy and safe road travels! –Stephanie

HUMAN – What’s a road trip without some quintessential road trip gear? (i.e. this sweet canvas rucksack) It’s the perfect combo of rugged and style and I must have it!

HOUSE – I’m always on the hunt for interesting and unique dishes to add to my collection.  I don’t display them, but I really do love entertaining with an assortment of quirky and cute dinnerware.  These international city map plates would be fun at any dinner party.

HARVEY – While this AMAZING doggie trailer house is only in the concept phase (fingers crossed I can find it in stores soon), I just couldn’t resist adding it to my list. As soon as they make it in a larger dog size, you can bet Harvey will be spending some night curled up in this bad boy.  Too cute!


I’d better not show this to Lucy and Lennie, they’ll want one for the holidays, they are Westies just like the gorgeous model dogs in the picture. These are super – will they be available in the UK? Katie x