DIY Framed Typewriter Wedding Wishes

As June comes to a close, we’re wrapping up the month with some final DIY projects that are perfect for weddings (or any special celebration). I’ve always loved the tradition of guest books- they are such a thoughtful way to connect with the couple getting married, considering that you rarely have time to speak with them one-on-one during the wedding. Rather than traditional paper guest books, our DIY intern, Kelly, thought it would be fun to leave out a typewriter and some simple muslin fabric, which guests can easily type on. Then after the wedding the couple- or their wedding party- can cut the notes out and quickly sew them onto a beautiful patterned fabric (or even a handkerchief) to frame and display the notes for safekeeping. I hope this idea will inspire some special post-wedding memories that let any couple re-live their big day again and again. xo, grace


1. Typewriter
2. Muslin or canvas (cut to fit inside the typewriter)
3. Frame (we used a shadowbox frame from Ikea)
4. Scissors
5. Decorative fabric
6. Colorful thread
7. Sewing Machine


1) To begin, cut muslin or canvas into pieces measuring 8.5″x11″.

2) Using tape, attach pieces of fabric to sheets of paper. The paper facilitates feeding the fabric through the typewriter.

3) Type wedding wishes!

4) Once your wishes have filled the pages, cut and arrange them to your liking on a background fabric. Make sure you have enough background fabric to stretch around and adhere to the back of your frame’s mounting board.

5) Attach wishes to background fabric using contrasting thread (We used a zigzag stitch.)

6) Frame and hang.

Jennifer I.

What a wonderful idea! While I don’t have a typewriter, maybe I could do something similar using custom fabric at Those are beautiful.


You can also use temporary spray adhesive on the paper so it lies flat as you put it through the typewriter. If you don’t have a typerwriter, you can get printable inkjet fabric at lots of shops and use a typerwriter font.


You could have people type their message into a laptop to be sent to a near-by printer.
The muslin can be stiffened by ironing it onto freezer paper and then cut to size before feeding into the printer.


What a clever idea to engage guests in the festivities. I love the idea of a typewriter. Most young people have probably never used one and the parents would find a bit of nostalgia!


OMG, I love this idea! I wanted to include guests’ well-wishes onto a quilt for my brother’s wedding, and was concocting a very cplex process involving fabric pens, and scanning, and embroidery etc etc, Argh! You’ve just solved it for me though- simple :) Thank You.


This is a really lovely idea – but the inevitable typo’s would drive me insane!


what will the guests do w/o spellcheck? tee hee
lots of great additional ideas! thanks.


Have to admit that typos would drive me crazy!

Could even make a quilt with the fabric.

Margaret Evans

Great idea. I suggest ironing a piece of freezer paper, shiny side toward the fabric. It gives it the stability needed to go through the typewriter and would be easier than taping it. After typing is done, you just peel the freezer paper off.

Eileen Voss

Can’t wait to try this idea with my writers’ group. I also think it’d be great fun
to make special greeting cards with this. Thanks much!

Eileen Voss

Am thrilled with this idea of typing on muslin. Wondering if ironing the muslin onto fusible webbing would help. I want to try making greeting cards with this technique.


Am thrilled with this idea of typing on muslin. Wondering if ironing the muslin onto fusible webbing would help. I want to try making greeting cards with this technique.


Nice idea to engage guests in the festivities, and especially the idea of a typewriter :-)


Great idea… I will try this for sure with my girlfriends..thanks for sharing..^^


Awesome post, thanks a lot for sharing. I am a frequent visitor to your site and always find something that boost my knowledge.


this is really cool, in this shitty techy world no one is caring like you, every one is just wishing online or just in smart phones people are changed a lot. you are really of my type