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DIY Eames Inspired Mobile

by Grace Bonney

Today Elena from Facing North with Gracia is sharing a fun DIY mobile project with us. Inspired by Charles and Ray Eames’ Dot pattern, Elena said the pattern reminded her of small floating figures, so she thought it would be fun to translate the design into a mobile. Using small wooden spheres, wire and modelling clay, she created this minimalist mobile that would be perfect for hanging in an entryway or a in front of a narrow strip of wall that needs a little bit of visual interest. Thanks so much to Elena for sharing this project with us today. The full how-to continues after the jump! xo, grace

– Wooden spheres (these were already black, but you can paint yours black, too)
– 2mm- thick craft wire in black (or the thin metal wire used in jewelry design)
– Black modelling clay
– Hammer


1. Sketch the layout you’d like for your mobile on paper (as a guide for measuring and assembling).
2. Cut the thick wire in different sizes: 3 pieces of 12-15 cm; 2 pieces of 20-22 cm and
one of 30 cm (number and length may vary according to your design)
3. Fill the holes in the wooden spheres with the modelling clay, this will hold the wire in place.
4. Insert wires into the spheres
5. Attach the spheres and wires in your desired pattern, from the bottom up.
6. Attach to the ceiling with a hammer and nails!

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  • well that is just awesome. if i had the time and all the supplies handy i would whip that together for sure! looks great.

  • what are you using to suspend the various lengths of wire from the ceiling and to each other?

  • Hello,
    I love the Alphabet print as well – is it available to buy somewhere?

  • How do you attach the arms to the main line?? That step is missing here and on the original post.

  • Thanks so much for your lovely comments! To suspend the the different arms of the mobile, I used a thin metallic wire for jewellery design but you could use a nylon one as well. In the blogpost, you will also find the link for the shop where I bought the print!

    Thanks so much to Grace and D*S team!

    Elena x

  • I’ve always loved this look and since I, too, have the beads and wire, there’s no reason not to make one now!

    @ Laura – I’m going to use fishing line… :-)

  • We just built our own Calder mobile for an assignment in design theory class so I’m noticing tons of mobiles everywhere now!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • as much as i LOVE that project i would like more information on the alphabet banner hanging.

    • Is there an alternative to the wooden spheres that’s more likely for someone to find around the house & that could be used in the same way? I want to mimic your basic setup, only mine will hang over my son’s crib. I’ve been wanting to get him a crib mobile but I would rather save money & make one if possible.