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it’s not a party unless there’s confetti!

by Amy Azzarito

The history of confetti can be traced to the tradition of throwing rice or grain, a symbol of fertility, at weddings during ancient times. During the Victorian era, colored leaves and flowers were thrown, along with rice, at wedding celebrations. Paper confetti is a relatively recent addition to wedding celebrations (post-mass production), but I love how fun and celebratory it is to toss sparkly paper in the air. (And it looks great in photos!) Here are some great ways to incorporate confetti into your event (Confetti push pop? Yes, please!) And of course, you can always go the old fashioned route and ask your bridesmaids to help you cut paper! –Amy

Image above: Confetti Bar by Brooklyn Bride for CREAM, Flowers by Blossom and Branch. Photos clockwise from top, by Brklyn View Photography, Samm Blake Photographer, Samm Blake Photographer, and Les Loups
Image above: celebration confetti $12

Image above, clockwise from top, ConfettiSystem ConfettiA tiny celebration $6.50; Confetti pops by Thimblepress

See more confetti options after the jump!

Image above: confetti balloon bouquet (set of 12) $9.95

Image above, from top: paper confetti $4.81; 100 silver glitter stars $3.50

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  • I love this! I have a new slight obsession with confetti, most likely after being showered with it at a Flaming Lips concert. I am planning a beach wedding and I am on the lookout for confetti made out of natural materials so that we can throw it at our ceremony and not litter the beach. Confetti made out of seaweed? Flowers? Are there eco-friendly options out there I have not heard of?

  • Love love love confetti! And glitter. There is definitely a part of my who will always be a bit of a glitter covered raver bunny. But as someone who works at an events venue, man, it is a BAD idea when it’s damp out. For example! The other weekend when we had that mega monsoon torrential downpour? We had a couple who brought confetti cannons. Looked awesome, stuck to the floor and to the guests and to the chandeliers. It was bonkers. Equal parts hilarious and awful (just from a venue perspective).

  • Confetti is like a christmas tree, gorgeous to look at in the moment and then will clog your vacuum cleaner later. Yes, I am a Confetti Curmudgeon…

  • So many great and different (non cheesy) ways to use confetti! I love the balloons, and all of these ideas seem classic yet fresh and modern! Awesome.

  • Although visually beautiful, that just looks like a recipe for weeks or months of finding little bits of confetti in places where it has no business being. I could get on board with the confetti balloons, though.

  • As someone who is a gardener in a public park I’d like to suggest that if you use confetti in a public place it be biodegradable. Picking up a thousand little pieces of pink plastic confetti shaped like wedding bells is really really unfun.

    Confetti responsibly!

  • Hi! Did you know that actually the word “confetti” refers to an italian sweet that we use to give as a favor during wedding ceremonies? It’s totally unrelated to the throwing thing (we still throw rice btw)… That’s a funny misunderstanding, isn’t it? :)