Chambre de Sucre

I know a fair amount of people in my life who have chosen to give up sugar. I have no idea how one begins to cut such a delicious thing from their life, but they are far stronger than I am. Not only am I adding sugar to my coffee as we speak, but I’m writing about it, too. These gorgeous artisanal sugars are from Chambre de Sucre, a gourmet sugar and tea company based in Japan. Chambre de Sucre is a 270 year old, 17th generation, family owned business and they happen to design sugar in the shape of tiny cats you can cling to the side of your cup. Cats and sugar? I am sold. You can view more of their beautiful sugars and teas right here and you can also pick them up in Dean & Deluca and various online shops, just check their site for a store near you.


Please know on feedly you see the email from the owner to you re the sugar, not your post. Sugar cats are adorable!


I am definitely not one of those people who can give up sugar and I love really good high q1uality sugar I think you can definitely tell the difference.


I gave up sugar for about a year for health reasons. I will have it occasionally now, as it’s difficult to avoid. I feel so much better when I cut it out though.

These are too cute though!


Those are adorable! I’m not a sugar-in-my-coffee kinda gal, but keep it in the house for guests.


Adorable! I have been trying to substitute agave syrup, but a little sugar, especially in cat form, can’t hurt.


Chambre du Sucre does make beautiful sugars! Just a note to your readers, though, that my company (Austin Sugarworks) also does artisanal sugars here in the U.S. and we do custom work (various colors and flavors available…great for weddings or events) so there is a lot of sugar fun out there to be had. :)