Casa Washi Tapes for Home Decor

by Amy Azzarito

If there’s one obsession, I think we all share, it’s a love of washi tape. But, be still my beating heart, there’s now washi tape for home decor. Casa Washi Tapes are a larger version of the regular washi masking tape and can be used to decorate anything in your home – wall, furniture, tiles. Possibilities are endless. It’s a perfect solution for renters – the tape is only lightly adhesive so it can be stuck to walls and removed without leaving a trace. It sticks to almost any materials – wood, plastic, wallpaper, tiles, glass etc. You can buy the washi tapes for home right here.   –Amy Azzarito

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  • Brilliant! I’ve already used regular washi to save an old (and hideous) shoe storage unit and now it’s so much cheerier. Love the idea of the wider strips for bigger objects and spaces!

  • I want to buy, where can I purchase it??? I also rent and I would love some the bathroom and kitchen and even maybe the back of my bed!!

  • Love these tapes. I used them to create a cool lattice motif on my son’s bedroom wall. I want to try the wider strips in my dining room! xo

  • Love these tapes! I used them to make a lattice motif in our nursery. Can’t wait to use the wide version in the dining room! xo

  • Washi tape. I haven’t bought this stuff yet, but I might get addicted. I could see it used in a sewing room for:
    – a great fat quarters montage on a wall. Use contrast washi tape.
    – decorate your plain jane sewing tape with washi tape. Use it to mark your sewing seams on the machine.
    – Decorate your spray cans of Sullivan’s stabilizer spray – you might even mark the level of fluid left in your can.
    – tape up your boxes of notions…red washi for ribbons, blue for thread, etc.

  • This is GENIUS!!! I paint a lot of stripes as part of my design work, and honestly, by the time I finish with everything I need to sell, I never have the energy to do it in my house. This is the perfect solution to a dreadfully boring wall our bedroom!

  • My only question is how well it sticks to the surface, as it is a light adhesive. I sometimes use it to hang up postcards from friends and it peels right off.

  • This is way of decorating is easier than a new lick of paint and funkier than wall paper! I didn’t realise they made chunky washi tapes! Love it! :)

  • Great stuff. Gonna send this post to my friend, she moved to Berlin and is decorating her home now. She could do something budget and rental friendly wit this. And so can I. Ha!

  • This is so exciting!! I was looking for some last year but couldn’t find anyone who made super wide washi tape who shipped to Canada (seems like it was all on Japanese language sites only!).

    I decorated a wall with regular washi in my daughter’s nursery instead; the process took some time but it turned out pretty cool if anyone’s interested in checking it out:


    Thanks! Shanan

  • Hi Amy…..fab.com currently has some cool Japanese designs featured, one of them
    are sets of Washi tape (standard size) but the kits are Really affordable and diverse.
    Thank you for this post! I foresee so much fun in my kitchen to come.Donna Esposito

  • Wow, it’s really looking very nice, and quite easy to do, this home decoration idea is really very nice, i want to do that. Thanks for sharing this awesome home decor idea :)

  • Where do I buy this giant tape? Thanks in advance; I can’t wait to start decorating my new apartment; I an not allowed to paint, and this is a great option to add my own touch and style to it!