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by anne

For the past 5+ years I’ve reached out to hundreds of creative people around the world to share their homes in a “sneak peek.” Many a time I’ve heard the response, “but my home is too small to feature.” Au contraire! Here are a handful of the studios we’ve shared throughout the years that prove that a home doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful. When possible I’ve shared the floor plans that the owners shared with us.  Be sure to click on each peek to see the full version and get a true sense of the space. –Anne

Image above: Michael Freimuth’s Brooklyn apartment uses canvas tracking that separates the bedroom makes the space feel that much bigger — plus it’s saved him several times on those untidy-bedroom-meets-unscheduled-dinner-party occasions. Floor plan showcases the use of space.

Image above: The zones inside Kelli Anderson and Daniel Dunnam’s Brooklyn studio blend into each other and are multi-functional.

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Image above: Kate Bingaman-Burt and Clifton Burt prove that you can still rock color in a small space. The secret to living in a small space is to be efficient in how it’s used.

Image above: While technically Jessica Walsh’s bedroom is in her living room, her studio still feels sophisticated.

Image above: Lotta Nieminen lived in a 367sf apartment in Helsinki.

Image above: When Lotta Nieminen moved to New York, she didn’t gain much space. (See floor plan immediately below).

Image above: Based on the photos you’d never know how small Diva of Linea Carta‘s Berkeley bungalow apartment is, but see the floor plan below as proof of good use of space.

Image above: Kirra Jamison and Dane Lovett may have a more spacious studio in Australia, but it’s a good reminder that good natural light can help any space look good.

Image above: Anne Ulku lives and works out of her Minneapolis studio. (See floor plan below).

Image above: Caitlin and Eric Flemming’s San Francisco studio is high on class, even if it’s tight on space.

Image above: Sarah Caniot and Nicolas Grandmaison were able to acquire two studios and connected them with a set of stairs that leads to their workspace. 

Image above: Ann Wood’s Brooklyn studio is where she both lives and works. Amazing detailing on the floors, walls and doors helps bring it alive.

Image above: Richenda Brim of Clementine Press also has great details in her studio.

Image above: Anna Campà and Gerard Calm’s Barcelona studio loft draws in great light.

Image above: Max Darby of Dvider showcases how space saving solutions can help you maximize space.

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