Before & After: Printerette Press’ Office + Studio Makeover

I love a good studio makeover. So often the most promising spaces start out a little rough, but all they really need to shine is a little love, elbow grease and a lot of cleaning supplies. Catherine and her team at Printerette Press recently moved across the river from St. Paul to Minneapolis to a new studio and they were kind enough to share their new office makeover with us today. I love how clean, bright and sunny it feels now- especially with those pops of turquoise in the chairs. Congrats, Printerette team! xo, grace

More beautiful “after” photos continue after the jump…

Cheryl Webb

I would love to know what white they used on the walls – and what turquoise on the chairs – this is such a cheeful space!


So simple and beautiful. I love those hammered turquoise folding chairs. Such an artistic storage solution!


We are so honored! Thank you so much for the feature! I have to add that we owe a lot to our fantastic photography team; photos of the transformation were taken by the talented women at Satori Photography.


Looks like such a bright, fun place to work! I’d love to visit next time I’m in the twin cities!

Ali Martinez

I love Printerette Press! Catherine designed the invitations for our wedding one year ago and we’re still in love with them! Her studio seems so serene!


The chair hanging is such a good idea!!! Giving me lots of inspiration on how to make chairs more available for our small space. <3


The folding chairs are such a great color against the white. Love how they act as wall art…. particularly because the space is kinda industrial, so they really fit. Thanks for sharing!


Those white chairs are gorg. May I ask where they are from?


That sofa is the perfect size and shape for my apartment! Do you remember where it came from?

Catherine @ Printerette

Thanks everyone!

The sofa was a flea market find, the “coffee table” is actually a hand carved bench we found (also a flea market find), the rug is West Elm, the white chairs are cheapies from and the turquoise chairs are Ikea!


So beautiful and airy. May I ask what you did to the floors? Apoxy? Just paint? I’m looking for inspiration for my basement floor.

Heidi M

What a gorgeous, creative space! Are the pencil/pen holders (on the desk) trophies that have been spray lacquered white?
I can’t wait to try that.


Inspiring space! In the old space you would feel like you had a lot of potential, but the new space feels like you can actually achieve that potential and beyond! I need to go and clean my studio… I want the achievable and beyond feel!


I love Catherine and Printerette Press. She recently designed my wedding invitations and they were amazing. Awesome aesthetic, love the new studio!


What a lovely and serene work space – very minimal and yet comfortable – great job!!


Wow! I can’t believe how “inexpensive” the parts are because it sure has a high cost look! Contracts on a fab job!


What did you do with the floor? I’m toying with the idea of polished concrete for my studio….can’t exactly tell what you’ve done. But I like it.

Beautiful transformation. This would make me very happy to come to work everyday if I had a space like this.