Before & After: Bar Cart Makeover

Despite the New York Times’ claim that bar carts are purely a piece of hipster furniture du jour, I think they’re classic. Whether you’re a nightly cocktail drinker or just want to be able to entertain when others come over, a good bar cart is equal parts form and function. And for some reason, they seem to be so easy to find in thrift stores these days. This bar cart makeover comes from Haley Beham who picked up this bar cart from a friend who found it at a garage sale. It was missing a top and needed a lot of TLC, so Haley did some intense sanding and then used Bejamin Moore’s Advance paint in White Dove to give it a fresh look. Then she added Rub N’ Buff Gold Leaf to give it extra detailing and voila- a brand new bar cart. With summer flea markets and garage sales starting to pop up everywhere, this project is a great idea for anyone who needs a little weekend DIY inspiration. xo, grace

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That’s gorgeous and a home without a bar, well, I just don’t know what to say about that. :)


It’s a lovely piece. What a huge effort – but clearly worth it. Can you give some tips on the process you used to get such a lovely glossy smooth paint job? I have not been able to achieve that look.


Oh dear – I l.o.v.e this! It’s beautiful, truly pleasing. Thanks for finishing off my day with this loveliness.

Michele T

Wow! Hard to believe it is one and the same!! Amazing!!


Call me impressed! That is one snazzy bar cart – well done Haley.


I LOVE the bar cart, and LOVE the print above it – where is it from?


nicely done… but what color is the wall paint???


What a great example of a properly painted wood piece! I’ve seen so many whacky paint jobs lately where the idea seems to be “more is more”… but this is so simple, clean and classy. Well done.


I also love this cart!! And Haley, did you use some sort of sander to help achieve that lovely glossy finish, or old-fashioned elbow grease with a piece of sandpaper and a sanding block? Truly, it’s an inspiration!

France Geek

Fabulous! How did you have the top made? And like everyone, I want to know how you got the smooth glossy finish!

Amanda Risius

Turned out great! The Paint looks very shiny which I like. Now I just need to find my own bar cart to spruce up!

Melissa W.

Love the cart and makeover… but it makes me crazy when every bar cart I see on the internet has open vermouth sitting out, people need to keep that in the fridge: it’s wine!


The paint she used is amazing. I am using it right now for a project. That paint + a good brush mean that you can barely see brush marks.

Diva T

Oooo lala…Cosmo please. Well done! I would also like to know what lovely shade of grey/gray is on the walls in the photos.



Great job!!!
I have 50s Loungechair which i also renew the whole of it.
It is always a great feeling if they look after better then before.

Best regards