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An Eclectic Family Home in Springfield, Missouri

by Amy Azzarito

Jay and Sarah Sandidge (Sarah writes for Lovely Chaos and A Birth Story Blog) and their two children, 4-year-old Lula and 2-year-old Diesel, have lived in this home in Springfield, Missouri for the past three years. The family fell in love with how large the bedrooms are for an old house, and they amplified that feeling of openness by taking down some walls and moving a staircase. When it came time to furnish the home, Sarah wanted it to feel lived in. She loves old things and wanted her home to be comfortable for the entire family. The resulting look is an eclectic comfortable home perfect for a growing family. Thank you, Jay and Sarah! And a big thank you to Janae at Itsy Bitsy House for the lovely photographs. –Amy

Image above: The first thing we did when we moved in was remove all the blue… blue carpet, blue wallpaper, and blue drapes! Then we painted everything with Valspar’s Ultra White paint from Lowe’s. Most of my furniture throughout the house was thrifted or found on Craigslist. I love having old, eclectic pieces that can be “lived” on, and I don’t have to worry about them getting torn up because they already are! This philosophy works great when you have small children.

Image above: The play kitchen was found on Craigslist. It is vintage and a lot of my friends have said they grew up with one just like it. We found old cheap doors at Salvation Army and cut them in half lengthwise to make the “countertops”. The whole operation has worked out very well for storing all the kids’ toys. That’s Fred you see over the play stove. No, he’s not a relative. We adopted him from a thrift store and people think it’s weird. But I think he’s cute!

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Image above: This is our master suite. The headboard was another Craigslist find. (You’ll start to see a theme here!) It was originally gold trim with a light peach/beige fabric. I painted the whole thing myself. My husband built the bedframe and is planning to build side tables to match so it will look like one giant piece. My awesome yellow sofa, which we call “Goldie,” was purchased from a good friend who rescued it from Salvation Army.

Image above: I made the horrible mistake of buying a huge antique teak bench that just did not fit into our house. So my husband took it apart and made a headboard and foot board out of it. Then he took it apart again and made this awesome 15-drawer dresser which I don’t think we’ll ever be able to get rid of even if we wanted to.

Image above: I wanted Lula to have a dreamy, magical room that she could grow into. There are still many details unfinished, but overall I’m pretty happy with the results. The purple is Oatlands Violet by Valspar from Lowe’s. The walls and baseboard are Skimming Stone and Elephant’s Breath by Farrow & Ball matched at Lowe’s. You have no idea how many paint samples I have in my house from deciding on Lula’s room décor. If they ever start charging for samples, you’ll have to blame me! The bed came from an auction. There was this awesome place here that sold original and replica antiques from all over Europe. I’d had my eye on their sweet little beds long before Lula was a thought. We actually stumbled on the auction accidentally. It was really sad to see it close, but we got a great deal on her bed (which is a Victorian antique) and her green chair which we use as a side table.

Image above: Lula’s chair is an antique from a flea market in town. It was really cheap, but it came with a little guest! There was a mouse living in the bottom of it and we didn’t realize it until it was already in her room! My mom wanted to just throw it out, but it was the perfect chair for her room. So we left it on the front porch for a while until the mouse found a new home. Then I cleaned it really, really well! I recovered the cushion and have plans to paint the wood and make it a little more funky and whimsical. Someday…

Image above: Lula’s armoire was also a Craigslist find. I’d been looking for the perfect armoire forever and finally stumbled on this one. I fell in love instantly with the piece and the price. It was gorgeous in its natural wood, but I decided to paint it. I couldn’t possibly tell you what the color is because I wasn’t happy with the original color I picked so I made my own mix with other paints we had around the house. It’s “custom”! The armoire had been in the family of the people I purchased it from all along. So that made it kind of special too.

Image above: Diesel’s crib is from Ikea. His room used to be a lot cooler. He had an awesome teepee and fun feather mobile over his crib. But when a relative started staying with us every weekend, his room had to double as a guest room. It’s still pretty cool though!

Image above: The wallpaper in Diesel’s room was purchased from Urban Outfitters. It’s the desert chevron wallpaper. It’s supposedly self-adhesive, but that’s a little misleading! It was quite a bit of work to hang, but I think it was worth it.

Image above: The little turquoise and orange book shelf beside the guest bed was another flea market find that I spray painted to match the colors in his room. The toy box was made by my husband. I stenciled “You are My Sunshine” around the box. It was originally made for Lula, but now resides in Diesel’s room.

Image above: The dresser which we use as a changing table was also used by Jay’s mom to change him on as a baby. Kinda special. And Diesel was actually born in his room, which will make ever moving from the house a little difficult for me!

Image above: As I’ve mentioned, we like old things. So of course I wanted an old piano. We found one for free on Craigslist, but it sounded awful even after several tunings. So Jay gutted it and put a new keyboard inside the shell instead. Sounds pretty good now!

Image above: We reclaimed our metal kitchen cabinets from the basement! We had them sand blasted and powder coated and then completely rearranged and renovated our kitchen. We bought butcher block from Lumber Liquidators for our countertops.

Image above: Almost all of the furniture in our living room was thrifted, flea marketed, garage saled… you get the picture! The bookcases are from Ikea and the little round metal side tables are from Urban Outfitters. The big rug was from a Pottery Barn outlet and was thoroughly doused with Scotch Guard before we brought it in. The rocking horse was mine when I was a little girl. Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything new or sacred in our living room! But we like it that way. Cheap furniture means I don’t get angry when Diesel stabs my turquoise stool with one of Jay’s tools! The only sacred thing in the living room is my cream furry pillow from Anthropologie that sets on the little settee. My kids and husband can do anything they want with the other pillows, but that one is off limits!

Image above: Everyone loves our “private” door which we salvaged from a high school reno here in town. It leads up our new staircase (which used to be a coat closet) to our master suite. So it’s pretty fitting!

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  • This home’s design feels like a loveable quirky actor who is able to maintain their character throughout an entire movie—authentic and charming. Love it!

  • Such a charming and individual house! And so much work attending to the small things, it is truly a labor of love in much the same way of birds creating nests for their little ones. Love this home!

  • I love everything about this house. Here in California, older homes tend to have larger rooms. The play kitchen looks like a lot of fun; my dad built mine out of wood and real stove parts, etc. Can’t believe the furniture is thrifted, I love all of it!

  • I love this. I don’t usually care for kids toys prominently displayed, but I can really get behind that piano room. So cheerful. I kinda want to go hang out there and play with the mini kitchen…they should add an easy bake oven!

  • definitely one of my top favorite sneak peeks!!! i really love this home and how the Sandidge family has filled it with colorful, unique items that they aren’t afraid will get “ruined” by kids/life/etc.

  • What I like most about this house (other than that darling play kitchen) is how it is fresh and comfortable at the same time, and above all else is not stocked to the gills with the most current trends. Sometimes the houses and apartments in home tours look like the owners or stylists were using a check list: terrariums? Check. Ombre? Check. Gold details on ceramic? Check. Collection of globes? Check. (And I say this as someone with a collection of globes and terrariums). This house was elegant, funky and genuine. Lovely.

  • so good. been awhile since i really went through one of these. i read somewhere if you like it, it IS your style. this place is a great example of how random stuff goes together to feel cohesive. those cabinets! what luck!!!!

  • After years of following this blog this is the first Sneak Peak I felt the need to comment…I just LOVE this house. The mix of old, new, colors, cultures.
    Inspired and comfortable.

  • My love for this house knows no bounds. I saw that play kitchen and at first glance I thought it was your real kitchen and I thought “I want that!” Can someone point me in the direction of the vintage yellow enamel appliances section of the internet? I have some shopping to do.

  • What a lovely home! Lots of gorgeous inspiration! I had a good giggle at your piano makeover! such a funny and clever idea.

  • Wow! I am completely overwhelmed by all the wonderful comments about our house. Thanks so much for responding. It makes all the hard work well worth it when it’s appreciated. Sometimes it’s hard to step back and appreciate what you have when you’re living in the middle of it. Thanks again! And thanks for Design Sponge for sharing our house.

  • Possibly MY favorite house tour ever as well!! Unique. Not mid-century. Not predictable! This house has so much soul you guys!!! What a great job you did!!! LOVIN’ IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BTW, the mouse chair should stay just as it is!! I LOVE that seat cushion with that chair and that chair is adorable!!! And the mouse loved it too, so you know it must be good!

  • Love it all! I think I pinned all of it, too! :)
    I love Fred! I also have some thrifted portraits which we’ve hung up, and our friends think it’s weird as well.

    • lisa

      there is- you can click the pin button below the post or you can install the pin app. we aren’t trying to make it hard for you ;)


  • This is one of the coolest homes I have seen online for a long time – why – not because it is particularly trendy, or elegant or anything expected, but simply because it is sooo authentic, full of their character and an expression of who they really are. That is evident from the get go. They don’t do things the traditional way. There is a true sense of authentic tradition that comes through the way they have put together their spaces. Meaning that like in days of old the folk used to be more functional and community orientated, long before the days when you could read about ‘ how to’… they did it their way. It is their space and the inhabit it in a way that works well for them.

  • I’ve been passing on alot of these articles lately, because they were beginning to blend together and feel tired. Your home, however, is a fresh breath, for sure.

  • I just had to comment. I often lurk on this site, but lately less and less because everything seems like the same old hipster blahness. Someone else commented similarly above-having the checklist of trendy items that used to be unique, but not so much when everyone has them. All of your items had character and were affordable-gasp! Even your paint thank God was normal old boring Valspar from Lowes! I am blown away by the house. Maybe its the area you are in-my husband’s family is about an hour from there in Lebanon and that area seems more down to earth and comfortable. Mostly I just breathed a sigh of relief that there was no Eames chair in site. Thanks for such a refreshing sneak peek. Really enjoyed.

  • This is an AMAZING home. Springfield has so many design finds, it’s insane! I need to start shopping the flea markets / Craigslist ads THERE! :)

  • I love Springfield because I have lots of family there. I love the comfort of this home but have mixed feelings about the purple ceiling. All in all a great house. Thanks for sharing.

  • I’m from Springfield! So amazing to see a wonderful home in my hometown…I used to live in the bottom floor of a four-square style Victorian. I painted each room a different color (from Lowe’s, that’s mid-west true hipsterism) and I absolutely loved it. This house reminds me of all the good times I had back home. Miss you, Missouri.

  • I love all the colors in this home, and especially love how everything is stylish but still functional and cozy. well done, ya’ll! <3

  • I’ll join in on the love train. One of the things which struck me is how textured your home is. Even in that very first picture – there’s what, like seven white things but they each have a different texture – of course I love to touch things so I like getting a sense of what your home literally feels like. It feels pretty cozy and playful. Also, thank you for taking “vantage point” shots. It’s so nice to get a sense of how your home is arranged and flows together, instead of only the “pretty magazine vignette” shots (I mean I love those too).

  • Beautiful home! What a lovely space for children to dream and grow. I’ve never been inspired enough to comment but this house deserves loads of compliments. My favorite space is the purple ceiling bedroom. Where was the chandelier purchased? Thanks for sharing this magical place.

  • Thanks for the marvelous posting! I certainly enjoyed reading it, you’re a great author. I will be sure to bookmark your blog and may come back later on. I want to encourage one to continue your great work, have a nice weekend!

  • Hi there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this article to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  • It´s fun to see your courageous and fiscally savvy mix of thrift and used pieces from various eras. It works wonderfully well. Inspiring. Fun. Energetic! Tell us more about the perfect door salvaged from a school. Did you have to save it from the landfill? I love repurposing.

  • Tell us how to scavenge as well as you do. The chairs, the charming baby picture that sits above the toy kitchen, that black sliding door, and those wonderfully modern looking gigantic letters! I need a primer on scouting out stuff. Your are gifted, too, with that purple ceiling.

  • I love the children’s bedrooms, particularly the purple ceiling and chevron wallpaper. Most of all though I loved that your son was born in his own room. A true family home you have so lovingly created.

  • One year later, seeing this now via the 10 Best Kitchens post. Love it all. So unique and fun. The chest of drawers re-made by the husband…awesome. I covet the “Private” door…so much fun. Congrats on a beautiful home