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A Seattle Home Where You Don’t Need a Lot of Space for Indoor Fun

by anne

Gabe and Ashley Rodriguez are a creative couple living in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle with their three kids. With so little space and so many of them under one roof, they try to have everything serve two purposes: be functional and beautiful. In keeping most of the house white, the goal is to keep it feeling airy and open. While the size can get to them, they can’t beat the location, great local businesses, and the magical beat of the local high school marching band. They also love that it means that the family is always close, and they try to cherish their moments together.  Gabe and Ashley just got a separate office space a few weeks ago, but prior to that the two ran their businesses out of their home. Gabe is a wedding photographer, while Ashley is a blogger who develops recipes, does food photography and is working on her first book which is due out in the beginning of 2015. A big thank you to Ashley and Gabe! –Anne

Image above: Because we live in the city, Seattle of all places where a sunny day is something to celebrate, our bedroom is sort of a makeshift play area for the kids. It wasn’t intended to be this way but when we moved in we didn’t have a bedframe and the kids would spend hours wrestling on the mattress. It got to be a daily activity that our boys craved, especially in the winter, so I just embraced it and their evening wrestle matches is a favorite time of day. The room is left pretty bare to avoid injuries but I manage to keep a stack of books nearby that double as bedside tables.

Image above: Our house is divided into three floors with the garage/lego room being on the bottom level. This is on the main floor and is where most of our days happen. The light was a purchase at an antique store and was lovingly put back together by myself and a hot glue gun. The white table is Ikea.

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Image above: The windows in our home let in an amazing amount of light and I wanted to keep the entire space airy and light. The couch was a Craigslist find and although it’s white leather it is remarkably resilient with three kids. This side table was one my husband crafted after seeing something like it at West Elm. The mirror is antique and the jars were once filled with olive oil instead of flowers. The drink is a rich drinking chocolate with whipped cream – a recipe that I was testing for my upcoming book.

Image above: The wall decals were found on Etsy. The branch is from West Elm and the furniture piece is IKEA.

Image above: While I love books (they are literally everywhere in our house) I’m happy to devote a few shelves to create a little bar. We love to create fun cocktails especially on our weekly at home date nights. The bookcase turned bar is from IKEA.

Image above: Chair is Urban Outfitters. Ottoman is antique that my mom found and then I found at her house. I’m “borrowing” it. She has incredible taste. The blanket is from Pendleton that we bought on a road trip to eastern Oregon last summer.

Image above: Two of my adorable housemates. I mean, come on look at that face!

Image above: These cookies happen a lot.

Image above: I love how shocked people are when they see my kitchen. I think people think they need a big kitchen to create great food. So not true. Although I dream of having a bit more counter and cupboard space, I’m pretty proud of what comes out of this kitchen.

Image above: Original Flea bag.

Image above: We have family photos hanging around the room as well as an image of Seattle taken by my husband and two little paintings I painted for the space. The pink pig was given to me as an anniversary present by my husband and while it’s not the prettiest thing to look at I smile every time I see it’s pudgy pink face as that’s where my husband and I write little notes to one another. Our plan is to empty the pig on our 10th anniversary this December.

Image above: The kids like to call our house a castle. It’s very tall and in their eyes, very big.

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  • Beautiful space! I was wondering if the owners could share how they hung that lamp in the second photo. I was trying to hang a lamp like that but thought I would need a chain cord in order to attach it to the hook. Any tips on how you pulled that off would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • Karen,
    We just used a couple of white hooks. There’s one you can see in the image and then another in the corner to direct the cord in a more discreet way.
    Thanks for your kind words!

  • Nice space and what a cutie, waving from the bottom of the stairs. While I am not a fan usually of white on white in a living space I have to say this one looks cozy and beautiful. I love the long view of the dinning/kitchen/living room space. Very nice.

  • So nice to see your home and your little kitchen from whence come all those fabulous foods you create!!

  • the loveliest part are the people inside. the greatest people with warm hearts and a welcoming home. I’ve been there, eaten those cookies and admired their great taste. Thanks for the peek into the details of their space. So awesome.

  • Wow, such a beautiful, bright home. I’m so impressed by how you’re able to live in a small space. My house is by no means large, but it’s slightly bigger than your home and yet it feels a million times more crowded with all our stuff. I’m inspired, but I don’t think I’ll ever reach this level of minimalism. I wish I wasn’t so attached to things!

  • I live in Seattle and might give a limb for that much light! (Okay, I’m exaggerating…but only slightly.) Ashley: any chance you might share some tips on making a similar C-shaped side table for the end of my sofa? So handy!

    Beautiful, beautiful space.

  • Love your creativity…puzzled by the blanket attribute. It’s Hudson’s Bay Company’s signature stripes and colours ..the English trading company that traded throughout colonial Canada…or maybe it’s a copy? The blankets were traded for fur pelts with the Indians.

    • Martha— Pendleton also has a long history of blanket trading, similar to Hudson’s Bay Company. Although I believe the stripe design was originally produced by Hudson’s Bay, Pendleton has been producing a very similar design for quite some time.

  • Interesting…I’ve only seen the Hudson’s Bay blankets and have exactly the same one on my armchair!

  • Beautiful home:) I am also from Seattle living in 1000 sf home with my husband and 3 children ages 5, 3 and 6 months. I am trying to only incorporate function and beauty, very challenging! I too am an avid baker and follow your food blog! Thank you for showing me how to make the perfect tart and pie crust! Very inspired.

  • Nice! Feels very inviting als relaxing. Also loved the way you try to incorporate the playing of the boys as something unavoidable and even encourageble. That inspires me.

  • this is my new favorite sneak peek! Ahh! I love Ashley Rodriguez’ blog and all her recipes. How cool to get to take a look into her home and see her sweet family. This is the greatest! Can’t wait for her new book :)