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A Cozy Home in the World’s Tallest Timber Apartment Building

by Amy Azzarito

Ink & Spindle is a boutique textile studio located in Kensington, Melbourne, where owners Lara Cameron and Tegan Rose design and produce original hand screen printed textiles, along with a range of homewares and DIY kits. Located in Melbourne, Forté is the world’s tallest timber apartment building and is filled with sustainable design features: strong, cross-laminated timber construction; rainwater capture use to flush the toilets; a bike and car share program; a veggie garden on each balcony; solar shading; the use of non-toxic materials. So when Ink & Spindle were asked to design a showcase apartment for the building’s launch, they jumped at the chance to showcase their idea of what a sustainable living space could be.  –Amy

Photography: Natalie Jeffcott

Image above: When it came to selecting furniture, there were three local businesses that immediately sprang to mind: Grandfather’s Axe, Wilkins & Kent and Tane Furniture Design. We wanted to source as much vintage furniture as possible, since nothing is more sustainable than giving new life to something already in existence! Grandfather’s Axe holds Australia’s largest range of mid century modern furniture. They provided the gorgeous leather sofa for the living room, pictured here adorned with cushions featuring Ink & Spindle Dashes in Snow and Kangaroo Paw in Red Orange & Snow. We also got in touch with our good friends at Wilkins & Kent, a small furniture company based in Fitzroy who produce handmade timber furniture including bookcases, beds, chests of drawers, dining tables and custom made pieces. The standing lamp in this image is one of their creations, furnished with a lampshade featuring our Leuca in Red Orange & Stone. The artworks on the wall are by our dear friend and studio buddy, Abby Seymour.

Image above: In the foreground of this image from the open plan living room/ kitchen area is a stunning mid-century Danish dining set from Grandfather’s Axe, featuring our Kangaroo Paw in Red Orange & Snow on the chairs. On the table, we’ve featured handmade ceramic tableware by Shelley Panton, a local potter whose pottery studio doubles as a shop with wares for sale from other local artisans and craftspeople. Also featured on the table are Linear in Snow napkins. Over on the kitchen sink you can see three lovely Squiggly Rainbow terrariums.

Image above: What’s a fabulous apartment without art? Ghostpatrol is one of our favourite local artists. His work explores ideas of space exploration, cosmic scale and the super future. You must check out this amazing project he undertook recently to paint a wind power turbine for the Hepburn Windfarm – Australia’s first community owed co-op wind farm! The above image features one of his works on paper on the wall as well as the sculpture sitting on a lovely Grandfather’s Axe vintage sideboard.

See more of the Ink and Spindle home after the jump!

Image above: Squiggly Rainbow creates beautiful terrariums. We love these little mini environments!

Image above: The apartment features two bedrooms, so we decided to transform one into a creative hideaway. The vintage desk is from Grandfather’s Axe. The chair is from Tane Furniture Design, featuring the Ink & Spindle Birch in Olive (available as a custom print only). Tane design high quality furniture for commercial manufacturers as well as their own range, with a focus on sustainability underpinning everything they do. This chair is from their Reloved furniture range, in which they restore, refurbish and ‘re-love’ beautiful pieces of vintage, mid-century furniture. We’re very proud to have our textiles adorning several of the pieces currently available in this range (in fact we really wish we could just have them all for ourselves). On the desk, you can see another lovingly handcrafted Wilkins & Kent lamp, with the shade featuring our Leuca in Inky Blue & Moss, alongside another dreamy Ghostpatrol artwork and some more Abby Seymour ceramic vessels on windowsill.

On the floor is a rug from Armadillo & Co, another amazing local business who share our ethos of crafting wares from only sustainable natural fibres using fair trade practices, making them a perfect fit for our ultimate eco apartment!

In envisioning this dream creative hideaway, we didn’t just want to create a space for visual arts endeavors, but also musical ones. We were thrilled to discover Thurling Guitars, who produce finely crafted handmade guitars using ethically sourced timbers and Australian tone woods. With that light streaming through the window, it’s hard not to imagine whiling away an afternoon here strumming a guitar or sketching.

Image above: In this shot of the creative hideaway, you can see a lovely vintage sideboard and armchair, both from Grandfather’s Axe. On the armchair is an Ink & Spindle cushion featuring Watercolour Stripe in Moss.

The bedroom. It took all our might not to hide in here until everyone left during the open apartment viewings so we could go to sleep and wake up in this room. We think the real pièce de résistance of the room is the artwork on the wall by another one of our favourite local artists – Miso. This supremely talented lady works mainly with paper – drawing, cutting, pin-pricking, drawing, cutting, pin-pricking. Her paste-ups are some of the must-see highlights when wandering Melbourne’s iconic street-art filled laneways.

The bedlinen is Ink & Spindle, featuring our ever-popular Grevillea in Mustard & Greylead – this textile has proven to be super popular as a duvet cover. We love it so much it adorns one of our beds at home, too! The cushions compliment the duvet and are (L-R) Grevillea in Mustard & Greylead, Linear in Snow and Kangaroo Paw in Mustard & Snow. We mostly sell our textiles by the metre for you to create your own furnishings, however we stock a select range cushions, cushions kits and as our range is fully customizable, we can create a specific colourway in any design to match your home. All design, colorway, basecloth combinations for custom printing are available to be viewed over on our website and our shop shows all current stock available for immediate purchase.

Here’s a little detail shot of the Grandfather’s Axe vintage desk in the creative hideaway room, featuring Ghostpatrol artwork, Abby Seymour ceramic vessels and Squiggly Rainbow terrarium.

Image above: Abby Seymour, one of our studio buddies in our space in the lovely Younghusband building in Kensington, Melbourne, created the vessels you can see in this image. Abby’s multi-dimensional creative practice includes jewellery, ceramics, illustration, printmaking and bookbinding – sometimes combining all at once!

More Abby Seymour ceramic vessels.

Image above: In this lovely shot (thanks again Natalie Jeffcott!) showing the living room looking out onto the balcony, you can see curtains from one of our favourite local furnishing suppliers Bradley’s Curtains & Blinds, in our Large Birch in Almond. Out on the Forte balcony is an incredible Edible Islands planter, which doubles as a seat! This image also provides another look at the furniture kindly provided by Grandfather’s Axe and Wilkins & Kent and another lovely Armadillo & Co rug.

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