5 Colorful Rugs + Blankets From Fossik

I will never ever ever turn down a beautiful rug. As much as my love of hardwood floors rules my home life, it also comes with the very real need to constantly have an arsenal of area rugs to choose from. Because as nice as wooden floors are, they’re not always super warm or snuggly on bare feet. If someone handed me a magical check for a million dollars, the first thing I would do is head straight to a shop like this one, Fossik, and pick up arm loads of colorful rugs and blankets. Nothing makes a room feel welcoming quite like a tufted rug that looks comfy enough to nap on. I’d be happy with any of these pieces, but Fossik has a huge range of vintage and new rugs to choose from, as well as new and vintage Kantha quilts. If you’re a color and pattern lover like I am, this is one shop not to miss. xo, grace

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Love all of these – there’s nothing better to brighten up a space than a vivid rug.

Debra Starr

If used on a floor can they be steam cleaned in the usual way. If not how are they cleaned?

Grace Bonney


usually these need to be cleaned and hung dry– i use an all-natural rug cleaning service for mine.



I’m shocked to see those dynamic patterns and vivid colors! In Finland where I live, there is traditional wall hunging or rugs called ryijy, with much calmer shades. I feel like my eyes are open now :)


such amazing color combinations! i really love the mix of warm and cool colors and the shot of neon. thanks for introducing me to this shop!

Dyanna Littke

Love these! Do we know where the art print is from? thank you!


Hi Grace and Dyanna,

It’s Laura from Fossik here. Soooo chuffed to wake up to this post this morning! And the lovely feedback is sending me all warm and fuzzy!

The art print is actually a teatowel by Rachel Castle. It’s available from http://www.castleandthings.com.au along with a host of other incredible textiles and artwork – I’m a huge fan!

Laura x

donna esposito

i am color crazy when it comes to rugs and throws too… Fab.com very often has
Kantha quilts on sale.. best,Donna

Miss Heliotrope

Gorgeous – & free shipping within Oz…o dear.

Mina Brinkey

Just got my first kantha quilt a couple of months ago and U absolutely love it. It adds so much character to the space. : ) Those rugs are amazing too.


In love with these! I also adore the lamp- where is it from?