25 Turquoise Designs I Love

Sometimes I am the world’s laziest writer. I’ll flat-out drop a post idea if it hovers around a word, phrase or topic that constantly trips me up. For example, turquoise. I don’t think I’ve ever spelled that word correctly without having spell-check or that dreaded dotted red line point out that I’m reversing the ‘o’ and ‘u’. But I was so inspired by Amy’s Best Of: Turquoise yesterday that I decided to get over my stupid spelling hangups and embrace this seriously gorgeous color. For some reason, I don’t own a single piece of turquoise-colored anything in my home, but that might have to change if I can get my hands on that string chair above. It’s like the furniture version of a summer pool. I’ve chosen a range of blue/greens that dip into the teal/aqua territory a little, but the overall feel stays true to that gorgeous clear blue of turquoise. I hope you enjoy them. xo, grace

Shopping sources and many, many more turquoise designs continue after the jump…

Image above: 1. Dupatta scarf $97 | 2. Navajo Wallpaper $155 | 3. Ombre pillow $72 | 4. Kian Towels $24+ | 5. Wall Shelf $22 | 6. Salt Spoon $12 | 7. Tealight holders $12 each | 8. Acapulco Chair $475 | 9. Fly Pin $160 | 10. Flowerpot Lamp $380

Image above, clockwise from top left: Smukke stackable chair $295, Woven Pillow $84, Shagreen envelope $248, Vintage Tolix Chair $695, Bistro stools $404, Bar Cart $950, Tie Dye Tote $8, Kitten Pillow $18

Image above, clockwise from top left: Eskayel Bali Stripe Wallpaper $620, Eskayel Akimbo 10 Wallpaper $275, Ferm Living Remix Wallpaper $110, Eskayel Akimbo 1 Wallpaper $275

Image above, top to bottom: Foo Dog Lamps $320, Le Creuset Caribbean collection $315

Lesley at Pure Home

Love some of your finds! We’re inspired by turquoise lately, too and also featured the Acapulco Chair in our round up yesterday– great minds think alike! ;-) Oh and I’m obsessed with that Le Creuset dutch oven.. we have a red one and I secretly want to try to destroy it so that I can replace it with the turquoise one.

Judi Young

My absolutely fav color ever. Turquoise was such a cool accent in my modern grandmother’s home design scheme – from her Le Creuset pots and pans and gorgeous Fraser Sheba china pattern to her wool boucle living room chairs, Gram used it everywhere (and so do I). This color changes personality depending on what it is paired with: With orange and white, it’s summery and fresh; with navy and tan, it’s classic; against the medium-wood tones of teak, it’s warm and homey. Thank you for posting about this versatile color // passionate about turquoise!


I agree that chair is amazing. Loving the Le Creuset too. My mom’s Le Creseut is the burnt orange color, love that as well.


I know about obsession with turquoise.
It is like living in clear water.


I have been coveting those turquoise tealight holders (BHLDN sells them too) for ages!

Gabrielle Treanor

Turquoise is my favourite colour, I love all the different shades. You’ve found a gorgeous collection but I think my favourites are the Acapulco Chair and the Le Creuset pot.


LOVE! all are gorgeous and all also fall into the entire nail polish color range I have (for toenails because I live in PHX where flip flops are a year-round wearable).


This post makes me want to break out the spray paint and update some of my paintable items around the house!

Shannon Malone

I looooove the wallpaper, and that bar cart, I’ve been trying to find one lately, maybe I’ll just get a vintage one and paint it turquoise : )

Miriam Loory Krombach

Turquoise is both versatile and timeless. I am a potter, and I often suggest turquoise for gift giving because:
*Turquoise complements the softness of pastels.
* Pair turquoise with black and white for an art deco feel.
* Combine turquoise with gray, silver, terracotta, or brown for a Southwestern flavor.
* Mingle turquoise with orange and yellow for a contemporary feel.
There’s something for everyone in turquoise! Great accent pieces in your collection!

Megan Watkins

I’m digging the Foo Dogs the most. I think a lot of other people are digging turquoise this season. I work at Hobby Lobby and we can’t keep turquoise paint on the shelves!


Love Amy and your turquoise posts Grace! I, like you don’t have anything turquoise in my home yet. But you have inspired me to paint my chest of drawers, thanks!

Sue at Boutique Provencale

I love the colour turquoise, but I think it really comes into its own when it’s combined with another vibrant colour – for example I absolutely adore it twinned with a deep purple and (don’t grimace) I think it works well with sunshine yellow.


I am loving turquoise as well! Any ides where I can find a glass turquoise lamp. Would love to have it in my all white bedroom. I live in Europe, and it so hard to find anyone who ship to over here. Grateful for any tips!


Wow, what lovely turquoise items. No. 8, the Acapulco Chair is stunning! Great article – thank you!

Margit Zsedely

What a wonderful collection. The color of turquoise is the most refreshing summer color.
It lifts up your spirit while cooking or relaxing

Joanne of East End Saje

I love the woven pillow. Turquoise is so refreshing!!!!!!!!!!!