Weekly Wrap Up + May Color Playlist

May 2013: COLOR from designsponge on 8tracks Radio.

This week marked the beginning of May and we could not be more excited about it. Trees are beginning to bloom on the street and jackets are no longer a requirement—it seems that spring is finally here! In addition to the delightful warmer weather, though, we’re also thrilled about this month’s theme: color! In case you haven’t noticed, we can be pretty nuts about color. It is, after all, a wonderful tool for bringing life into interiors, old furniture, and objects. It is also, as we have found, a great metaphorical tool, utilized by artists, designers, and musicians to evoke specific feelings. This month’s playlist is all about color in that sense. From Prince’s Purple Rain to Wiz Khalifa’s Black & Yellow, here are some of our favorite color songs of the moment. What are your favorite color songs? Check out the full track listing and listen to the playlist after the jump! —Max

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

Playlist Track Listing

  • Donovan — Mellow Yellow
  • Laura Mvula — Green Garden
  • The White Stripes — Blue Orchid
  • The Stranglers — Golden Brown
  • Bruce Springsteen — Pink Cadillac
  • Prince — Purple Rain
  • UB40 — Red Red Wine
  • REM — Orange Crush
  • Pearl Jam — Black
  • ZZ Top — Chartreuse
  • Nina Simone — Mood Indigo
  • Cream — White Room
  • The Rolling Stones — Ruby Tuesday
  • Wiz Khalifa — Black and Yellow

Katy at Apartment Apothecary

I love the tracks you have put together. I’m listening to them this sunny Saturday morning whilst doing some balcony gardening with coffee and a croissant. Total and utter bliss. It’s finally Spring in London too! We’ve been waiting a long time.


Dear Max, your selection is great! Even cleaning is almost fun while listening to it :)).
Thank you!


Check out cris cab’s version of black and yellow. So good!

Alex M. @ Office Kitten

A nice playlist, I would have thrown in some Vivaldi and Mozart for good measure. And The Stone Roses’ Sally Cinnamon for good measure, seeing as Spring is upon us all! Awesome designs as usual, Design Sponge, our office is looking so much better no I’ve taken up a few of your guides. Mega.


Some alternatives/extras/b-sides could include:

Throwing Muses: Green
Catherine Wheel: Black Metallic
Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Bad in Plaid. (Ok, not a color, but…)
Billy Idol: White Wedding
Cocteau Twins: Bluebeard