Totally Obsessed: Sideshow Press Goes Scout Chic

Of the newcomers at the National Stationery show this year, one of my very favorites was the South Carolina-based Sideshow Press. Established in 2004, the small letterpress company is comprised of Amy Pastre, Courtney Rowson, and Virginia Gregg, three designers with a passion for keeping things old school. Originally created as a full-service print shop catering to independent designers, Sideshow has made a name for themselves by crafting on vintage presses with unusual materials. “We often print on materials beyond paper that modern automated presses can’t run,” notes Amy Pastre on the company’s website. “I love that we can put a piece of fabric through the press and it holds the detail of the design to perfection.”

Although the company has garnered wide acclaim for their custom design projects, it wasn’t until this year that they produced their own branded collection. And let me tell you—it makes me swoon. Of the many design trends that have pervaded 0ver the past few years, I am probably most partial to the whole “scouting” thing. Perhaps this stems from my own youth as a cub scout or just a deep love for anything that produces pangs of nostalgia (real or imagined). Still, I am absolutely no match for designs with a throwback, woodsy, Americana vibe—and this collection brings that in spades. From their adorable canoe-shaped pencil cases to their arrow-patterned wrapping paper, one look at Sideshow’s scout-chic products will make you want to throw down a tent, bust out the s’mores, and sing songs round a campfire. Who’s with me?—Max

Above image:With some bare canvas and yellow piping, the gals at Sideshow crafted these cute canoe-shaped pencil cases—perfect for stowing away in a knapsack.

Above image: A behind-the-scenes look at the printing studio at Sideshow Press.

Above image: This charming  mail tape provides space to fill in addresses while adding a special touch to your correspondence.

Above image: From images of hikers to archery arrows (featured above), Sideshow’s wrapping paper collection is a simple yet charming option that works the whole year round.

Above image: Want to get even fancier with your wrapping? Check out these printed cloth wraps that easily double as pocket squares or neckerchiefs (coming soon)!

Above image: How cute are these “Handy” notebooks? I love the “Secret Codes” caption on the green one.

Above images: I love these muslin snack bags, embellished with retro typography. Although they look excellent for carrying around packed lunches and candy, I imagine they’d also be great for filling with produce at the farmer’s market!

Above image: I love a cute pink eraser. This one definitely fits the bill.

Above image: A fun take on a bicycle bag—a miniature tote that fits perfectly over your handlebars, great for holding your keys, glasses, and a paperback book!

Above image: One of Sideshow’s many camp-themed greeting cards.

Nicole Devereux

What a great find! I love that bike tote, and the note books, and the address stickers — everything is just so right! You have a great eye, Max. Thanks for introducing these ladies!


These little beautiful goodies are so cool. Loved the simple design and craftsmanship. Thanks for this lovely post.


Letterpress + fabric = swoon. What a delightful grouping of nifty usable objects, so cool. So well thought out, all of their imagery is a delight as well.


This totally reminds me of the movie “Moonrise Kingdom”. If you love scouts and camping, not to mention really artistic cinematography, you will enjoy the movie!


This is such a lovely brand!! Thanks so much for introducing/sharing Sideshow Press – I totally love the scout/camp/nostalgic side of it too! <3


What’s with the recent trend of designers holding up their creations in press photos? It distracts from the work! So goofy looking.

Grace Bonney


it’s been happening for a few years now. i agree i’m kind of ready for another trend in photo styling. i don’t think it’s goofy per se, i’d just love to see something new :)


Cheri Leavy

They are incredible designers and the finished product is gorgeous. I love my letterpress business cards from them and especially love to see people touch and admire their work when I pass them along.


Love! But what I really want to know is, what color lipstick/polish is the model wearing? Gorgeous styling, perfect for this brand.